• qi sun

    wow, this is so classic!

  • Marilyn Terrell

    Still prefer the Facebook version of “Hamlet” by Sarah Schmelling:

  • Ricardo

    @Grimmy Honestly do Europeas look native to the region? NO they don’t? at that period of time Muslims were the natives of the region get over yourself!

  • NoComment

    I never comment on this stuff…. But that Helen Keller thread was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. I don’t feel good about that, but LMAO!

  • Buffy1

    Chat thread between John and Bobby Kennedy

    JFK>RFK: Bobbyboy I’m headin’ down to Big D this weekend. Need you to drop by and feed the cat.

    RFK: Jackaroo! Woot woot Partayyyy!
    Bidness or is you takin’ the missus?

    JFK: All Missus and no kisses on b b bidness…just Jackie no Smackie. First time visit stuff–gotta keep it legit the whole way. Buncha Catholic haters down there…juss In & Out quickie is all…parade or somethin I think.

    RFK: Das allright. Dump got no hockey anyway. Plus these days they say you get shanked pickin’ up a rock in the Redbird.

    JFK: Aiiiit–they got the whole police force comin’ out anyway. Juss in & out like I said.
    What’s Redbird? we writin’ at the same time. Technology sux–can’t tell if somethin’s comin’ or goin.

    RFK: No doubt dat!
    Yo check it criss-cross again. I wrote No doubt that about the cops protectin Your Homesilk Catholic Bitch Ass. Hey Giancanna’s guy is there–Whiskey A Go Go it is I think. Jack somethingorother owns it. Emerald his last name, or Diamonds or Rubies–sumthin like dat. He could get you summadat sweeeet Texas Tang if you can ditch the missus for a coupla hours.

    JFK: Naw cuzz thanks tho. Straight shot this time. No rocks OR Go Go, in & out’s all it is. But hey checkit, seriously cuzz, election’s comin’ up and my back’s killin’ me. This new cortisone stuff ain’t workin’ too well–givin’ me a fat frog’s neck too. We need to dog N pony up on that bill. Can you have somethin ready to go next week?

    RFK: Nuthin’ cuzz, already covered it. Dang I can’t believe you passin up Texas Tang! U want me to call down on “urgent bizz” so you can bail out for a hitNrun at the Go Go?

    JFK: Naw cuzz–just call Lyndon and Hubert and get those ass kissing newsboys over to the house–gotta get that civil rights bill signed Monday when I get back.

    RFK: C-Rights It Is Captain Skip Skip Sniffy! Later!

    RFK: Yo man jus think. Between that and the the tax cuts and all that space bidness, Repub ass gonna get Pwn’d next Nov.

    JFK: I hear dat. You him. Who? Da man.
    Latro–love ya bro!

    RFK: C U Monday. We’ll drive over and get you ourselves.
    Oooh. Speaking of that – Yeesh man, have your girl call down to the plane and make sure those pilots made a vodka run. I think we finished off most of it week before last headed to Grand Rapids for the mud bog nationals. See if they got that killer puke stain off the rear bulkhead—Yup it’s mine if not…sorry bout dat. Missed the crapper by thiiiiiis much.

  • Mark

    This is hilarious. very interesting and creative.

  • Matt

    Very cool. Historical inaccuracy detracts from the funny a little, though…

  • Elo

    You do realize that LBJ really didn’t want to sign the Civil Rights Bill and that it took Republicans to overcome a Democrat filibuster led by I believe Al Gore, Sr and everyone’s favorite Democrat/Grand Kleagle Senator Byrd.

  • Dalshanks

    JFK today would be a Republican. He was a hawk, he loved America, and he understood that low taxes would make the economy roar (which it did). Democrats today have nothing in common with JFK, but instead are a bunch of blame-America-first, anti-capitalism, high-tax, wealth redistributionist lovers of the Israel-hating United Nations and the Islamofascist-apologetic European Left. Barack Obama et al are taking this country off the edge of a cliff. Coming Brown/Boxer wins in California spell out plainly that Americans do not yet understand the stark reality that our nation is bankrupt and business as usual is yesterday’s manna.

  • 0.0

    @ELO: Man, if you guys were still that party (for the most part) you’d have a lot more people interesting in voting for Lincoln’s party of abolition and progress. The fact remains that when the Dixiecrats jumped ship, you let their hateful a**es pollute YOUR party. It’s a shame. (It’s also why we should do away with this two-party nonsense altogether and try and get the religious contingents under some control; no more lobbies trying to bankroll our senators, be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or the like.)

    Speaking of which, for all of the people who were offended by a practically innocuous article, are you seriously trying to say that the people who bankroll the government and the media are less protected? Seriously? You folks need to wake up and stop sending money to those televangelists.

  • Clark

    THEY ARE FUCKING JOKES, no one gives a shit if the info is right, just as long as its funny. You tight ass shit wads piss me off, no wonder there was a flood.

  • Required

    Was that the guy from The Last of the Mohicans in the Thanksgiving one?

  • Marty

    Man, you should write for Seriously.

  • Alex

    The second EPA comment says “4 hours ago” like the first one, but the Exxon-Valdez comment before it says “50 minutes ago.”

  • Thor

    Excellent I wanna bed the the next Pope I like pointy hats.

  • facebook statuses

    HAHA oh man these are great!!

  • Maria

    I was kind of down today after messing up at a play, and opened this page. What a great way to bring me right back up! I am laughing and cannot stop reading. Gracias.

  • chopstyx

    Do a third one please!!! Include Watergate and Hurricane Katrina!

  • Jo H


    JO H

  • Enrique

    Wickedd funny. Keep em coming man. And to everyone that’s yelling about ignorance and grammar, you fail at being happy.

  • tom

    OMG I haven’t laughed this hard in about 6 mos. By far the funniest stuff I’ve seen on the net since I got on 2 yrs ago.The best was in the comment section about the train to the camp. Thank you STUMBLE.

  • Thomas

    what I’d like to see would be:
    Nobunaga Oda is staying a Honouji Temple in Kyoto today… feel like just laying in front of the fire and relaxing!
    [Mitsuhide Akechi likes this]
    Mitsuhide Akechi: I’ll provide the firewood (or whatever :P)
    great thing about history and this here, is you can think of thousands more 😛

  • sharri

    Well done… very funny…. anyone who is complaining about grammer, punctuation etc.. is obviously OCD or Autistic and should either go wash their hands or realise they don’t understnad irony or humour… part 3 asap xx

  • Idiots

    Religious idiots can’t take a joke

  • himu_yoo

    now dat is called a sense of humor

  • hello

    I am a Muslim and I find this really funny!! Thanks. :)

  • DenOndeBonde

    Funny stuff 😀

    debate the politics other places…. people with IQ over 50 knows what really went down and can see the fun in this.

  • Child of Christ

    Super funny! I laughed so hard! XD Suggestion: make a few on these subjects: Feudalism & the Manor Economy, Samurai, The Arabian Nights/The Thousand & One Nights. I’m studying those subjects right now, and it would be super cool to see those in this!

  • Child of Christ

    PS, perhaps a “little” less cussing

  • Jim Malven

    Marie Antoinette is no longer in a relationship with her head.