• lol

    Roflmao! Usually i don’t like these facebook inprovisions, but this one was funny! I esp liked Religous Extremists, blah blah blah and God’s like “that’s not the point.” LOL!

  • lalit nagarth

    wow, that was awesome … i also wanna add god ad friends ;D

  • Diane

    Okay, that’s irreverent but mighty funny.

  • Estefania284

    That is so hilarious.

  • AJ

    This is really funny, but there is a mistake!
    The Ten Commandments were written on TWO stone tablets, not TEN!

  • Katie

    I’M ON A BOAT!! lol

  • Joe

    Well, actually AJ there’s a mistake you made as well… there were actually 613 Commandments.

  • jondee

    You all forgot one commandment??…Don’t use the “LORDS” name in vain!!!!!

  • keithcath

    May we always be reminded that we can also share the word of God through facebook because billion of [people are now using facebook,,
    and As a Christian
    We ARe commanded to spread the Word of god..
    _and this is one of the best way we can follow His commandment>
    Godbless and More power!!!

  • keithcath

    _though its a kind of funny thing..but the reality is that we are on it,,ANd God also with it>
    _What a powerful thing if God is always within our heart
    “Please share the word of God”
    through facebook everytime you log in_
    <spend your time typing word of god"
    and share it….

  • Lina

    Lmfao! Too fucking funny! Zeus>God made my day!

  • Bridget

    LMAO Peter…

  • natasha mariam

    What a trip! This was supercool and oh so drop dead funny!!! I loved it xxx

  • Joyce

    @Jondee: I suggest you read the ‘post’ of the religious extremist over a couple of times and think real hard 😀

    I say it’s pretty damn funny xD

  • hnb

    you forgot to add stuff like:

    — Moses needs some sheep to feed people in HebrewVille
    — Moses just won 2000 slaves to build a pyramid
    — Peter just added a Youtube video
    reply to Chriss Angel: “Jesus walks on water, take that biatch”
    — Moses needs some help or two more miracles in HebrewVille
    — Pontus Pilate and 2456 former pagans also became fans of J.C. – official page
    – @Jesus has 3465463 followers on Twitter #Believe


  • Flumeghost

    ha, if only.

  • whoops

    Religious Extremists – they’re the people who give all religions a bad name. We assume all Muslims are bad, just because all we ever hear about are their extremists, when in actuality I’m sure the majority are very nice people.

    That Baptist church that’s slamming all the GLBT people give a bad name to Christians, when in reality, we don’t hate them. It’s always “Love the person, hate the sin.” God’s right. That’s not the point.

    The problem is that simply everyone believes that their views on religion are right – Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, and all the others alike. While sadly it seems they’ll never be able to get along, a lot of world issues would be fixed it they would just realize that everyone has different views. Never shove your religion (or lack of one) down someone’s throat, you never know just who you’ll offend.

  • kw

    So hilarious!

    ‘I’M ON A BOAT!’ Definitely made my day!

  • Noah

    Look at your boat, now back to mine, now back to your boat, now back to mine. Sadly, yours isn’t mine. but it could be if you talked to God. Look down, now back up, I have two of every kind of animal. Anything is possible when you talk to god. I’m on a boat.

  • lmao

    haha frickingg hilarious…”IM ON A BOAT” lmao dude..and yess i sooo wanna friend God on faceboook

  • Hilarious BUT…

    Hilarious dude. But fact check! In the historical status updates one, the Columbia Shuttle blew up on liftoff, not re-entry (and I do agree that that one pushed the bounds of poor taste) and God left Moses TWO stone tablets with the ten commandments on them. Your stuff is hilarious- it’s just distracting when you have the facts wrong! Being dead accurate makes it even funnier. But seriously, otherwise, great work. So funny.

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  • Cloud William

    @Hilarious BUT…

    Challenger blew up on liftoff.

    Columbia burned up re-entering. Fact check your fact check. 😉