GIVEAWAY: Sony Piiq Qlasp and Giiq

Just because some overpaid economist sitting behind some desk somewhere got tired of picking up his employees three martini “lunch” tabs doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few things in life that are free. Stripper cards in Vegas, oil (but only in Florida), and pictures of Miley Cyrus (unless you’re Perez Hilton) are just a few of the things that come to mind.

You can add Sony PIIQ headphones to that list too because we partnered with Sony to hook up two lucky readers with a set of headphones. One of you is going to get the 9mm (driver, not bullets), earlobe clipping Sony Qlasp in yellow. The other is going to get the completely padded, flat corded, studio style Sony Giiq in brown. While all the headphones in the PIIQ line are Sony’s way to reconnect with a younger generation (like Bros Icing Bros without the nasty malt beverage), these two are particularly awesome – and they won’t leak when you carry them around.

If you aren’t one of the lucky winners, check out the entire Sony PIIQ line and pick some up (they’re remarkably affordable for a Sony product). Here’s how you win:

THE GIVEAWAY. Contest Closed – Congrats to Jeff H. and Von S.!

Simply head on over to our Facebook page and leave a comment on the giveaway post on our wall. We’ll choose 2 winners on Friday 6/25.  Good luck!

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  • d3m0nsly3r

    sweet, I need a new pair of earbuds.

  • modernzebra

    Those would look quite nice with an Iphone 4… now all I need is an Iphone 4

  • Getze

    looks pretty nice, i like the sony giiq, i need one.

  • Eduardo

    nice, sorry to hear the giveaway is @ fb, cos fb sucks bitg time!


    My old headphones are so old the foam on the earpeices has disintegrated. These would a wonderful improvement. Good luck everyone

  • Michael Reese

    very daring of Sony, to take the rather run-of-the-mill audio accessory and style it so well … I want one!!

  • Bruce

    piiq? Gliiq? Sleek.

  • vincent hawley

    i don’t want it. don’t give it to me. please. don’t.

  • Guillaume

    I want it! They are really beautiful.

  • Thomas

    I like the ear buds , Love the old school full set.

  • JC

    Must…… have……. head…… phones

  • Devon

    Please please please

  • Wild Bill

    ‘Snice, but I dig BlueTooth ear monsters. The nerdier and bigger/uncomfortable the better. But maybe I need some cool blog to give me a set and put me on the right path to social correctness. Ok. I’ll try them – but you owe me…

  • B-Roni

    It’s my birthday today and these would make the best present!!

  • Matt Thomas

    It’s like music …for the ears

  • Jason

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  • Craig

    I deserve these because I’m not deaf.

  • Michael Arellano

    Those earphones go in! After i saw the Ranger$ jerk with those earphones i thought to myself “those earphones dont fall out like mine when me and my crew make a video”! So i went on google put the names of the earphones and looked where i can get some. And i couldnt find where so i was like ughhh! So anyway i like these earphones and i hope i can get some soon! =D
    Oh yea !
    Subscribe plz
    we from Jersey!

  • Xenia

    These can rock my world!