GIVEAWAY: Two Pairs of Phiaton PS 210 BTC Wireless Earphones [CLOSED]

All your awesome tracks can get ruined in a jiffy when a babies screaming on the bus or there’s a jackhammer going on your block. A pair of quality noise-cancelling earphones are a luxury not every music fan has invested in. If you’re in the market for a solid pair, check out some of the features on these Phiaton wireless numbers. First off, they block out up to 95% of ambient background noise to improve your listening experience. They feature Bluetooth 3.0 technology, Everyplay-x which allows you to continue listening to music even after your battery has died and a half in-ear fit for better comfort. With the in-line controls, you can flip through tracks without having to walk over to your iPhone or other device like a sucker. Best of all, right now you got crack at winning yourself a pair.

GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats George A. and Jorge

To get entered to win your pair of Phiaton PS 210BTC Wireless Earphones (valued at $159/each), simply:

1. Click below to like Cool Material on Facebook (you may have already done this)

2. Leave a comment on this page below.

We’ll pick two winners at random on 9/24/12. Good luck!

Check out Phiaton for other great headphones.


  • Jerrold

    Love it

  • Joachim

    Wow! want one of these!

  • Dalfamus Prime

    My headphones just broke so this has the potential to be awesome! Or proof I don’t have luck at all… Unless its bad luck; then I’ve got boat loads of that.

  • Toms Selga

    I just wanted to buy new ones.
    would love to have them for free :)

  • Kevin

    Can I still win? I hope.

  • JohnD

    These would be awesome to have at work! Especially now since my Beats just broke. Love your site as well, thanks for showing us the coolest of new gear!

  • Jay


  • Bogdan Nicolin

    first time i hear about them, would love to try them 😛

  • Norbert Herrmann

    Mmmm… sex-ear-riffic

  • Amon Wong Chong Hao

    pretty neat! (:

  • Naresh

    good luck everyone!

  • Sabine Khattar

    Why not… :)

  • Philip Hunek

    These would be amazing on the plane, would love to win a pair!

  • Soon Jie

    Masterpiece which everyone including me should own one!

  • TommyM

    These don’t suck!

  • Jose Umana

    These seem amazing, I gotta have them!!!

  • William Johnathon Reuter

    Oh come on these things are so dope and I’m sing these shitty nineteen dollar pair, man I need these!!

  • Trevor


  • Marshal Peterson

    God is good. Cool material makes it so people know about God’s little treasures in life.

  • LKRS

    Using apple headphones at the moment, I NEED something better

  • Brett Friedman

    Very in for this!

  • Zilvinas Ciuzelis

    Congartulate the winner!

  • JJ

    Looks awesome, good luck to me!

  • Dan Kane

    I would sell them!

  • taylor

    These look like whatI’ive been searching for!

  • ynnaD

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!senohpdaeH epoD


    Now that is a sharp design

  • Colin Jackson

    Just found this site. It’s awesome. Way nice headphones. Very nice-looking.

  • daskrieg

    I hope i’m not too late, I literally just drowned my old earbuds in sweat at the gym this morning so winning these would be awesome! Plus I mean they are badass and all

  • Ginger

    I would love to own these!!!

  • Eric Storm Romero Meacham

    They Look Awesome

  • Dan

    Great job CM! Keep it up.

  • Ajax

    man these are sexy as hell

  • Matt


  • Derek Shelley

    they look awesome

  • Mr. Clean

    looks pretty sweet.

  • Daniel Ahn

    ID LOVE THIS!!!!

  • Jess

    these things are awesome!

  • Abishek Aitha

    I would not mind these

  • Matt

    Noise cancelling headphones are awesome!

  • Rogelio

    Must have them!

  • Arden

    I am in dire need to replace my awful iPod ear/headphones, but these just seem too good to be true.

  • Erik Hoyer

    Get me in!

  • lbrown24


  • Charles

    look pretty awesome

  • Eric Kung

    awesomeee earphones

  • Kasey Orthmann

    Those look pretty bad ass.

  • Tim

    Would be a perfect fit for my head holes!

  • Jaypea

    ready please mr music!

  • Alex Williamson

    Would definitely use these!