GIVEAWAY: Nixon Rubber Player

We’re going to refrain from making rubber jokes as much as possible (specifically as it relates to players) but suffice it to say that the resilience of this particular material is uniquely suited to protecting all kinds of things – the new Benz, your junk, and the time. The Nixon Rubber Player is a unique watch from a company that only makes unique watches. 100 meter molded silicone body, 3 hand Japanese Quartz movement, and just enough bling to say “Yeah, that’s a diamond.”

While they might not come in glow-in-the-dark, you get a pretty serious amount of color options – blue, black, purple, white, orange, drab (they should have just called it gray), and fluro orange (this one’s special). Sure, they don’t come in twelve packs and they’re certainly not cheap at $150 a pop, but that’s where Watchismo comes in. We partnered with Watchismo to give away one Nixon Rubber Player Watch from their immense collection. If you win, you get to pick what color protects your wrist best. Here’s how you get to unwrap one:

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed! Congrats Santiago

Cool Material and Watchismo are giving away one (1) Nixon Rubber Player watch to a lucky reader. To enter – simply leave a comment below telling us why you should win. Double your chances by also leaving a comment on the giveaway post on our Facebook page.  Good luck.

If you haven’t already – get on over to Watchismo and check out their sick selection of vintage and modern watches. They will not disappoint.


  • dano45

    I sure could use a new watch. My last one is just falling apart.

  • matt

    i could use this to go out and get one of those cool watch tan lines i’ve been seeing lately!

  • Matthew Bogerman

    Say something creative….. Say something creative……Fuck it, cuz I’m greedy. Oh, and I like the color blue.

  • philippe

    wow a free nixon watch! what a great addition it would be to my nixon watch collection.

  • mitch

    i should win because it just would make sense

  • ariz

    I got a dog named “snookie”.

  • gabriel herrera

    I should win this Nixon watch because Nixon is the best brand out there today in realation to style, materials used for production, and overall quality of the brand and product. I have purchased from watchismo before and NEED to win this watch!

  • ivan

    if i wear a watch this fresh i might actually get laid at college…

  • Kyle

    because, flat out, I’m never on time.

  • Paul AE Smith

    any bling in my world would be an upgrade

  • Arinda Wijaya

    i should win this because im always late cause honestly i dont have a watch and dont care to get me one but this freaking cool Nixon. Ah and i never win anything in my life, all i want is this one pleaseeee :)

  • Patrick

    Why should I win? Because a watch like this would really stand out amongst the others in my collection!

  • Richard

    Nixon is the shit and this watch is very blue and rubbery. Exactly what I need right now.

  • Geezer

    I should win this watch because I’m on a quest to become the most interesting man in the world, once the current one finally moves on. This watch will definitely compliment my swagger!

  • Jose

    As an electronic DJ this watch would resemble the vibrant energy I use when I perform. This would not only help out with style but also help keep my set times in check.

  • ball lightning

    love it!

  • joseluis

    easy,,, because I’m mexican 😉

  • Ishan

    Watch for Time.
    Watch for Style.
    Watch for Free.
    Nixon for Me… (please)

  • Neel

    gotta wear a rubber

  • ghea anne

    that watch probably won’t fit my wrist.

  • Jimmy

    Impoverished student wants to meet a stylish looking watch. Hope to spend some time together.

  • Dallas

    Well,let’s see: I am a cook and cannot wear a regular watch. A rubber watch would be more resilient to the random hits, bangs and such, but probably not so good with the heat, unless I wear it on my belt loop.

  • kafercrazy

    I’ve been looking out for a watch.

  • jesse

    I should win because i currently don’t own one and like this one. also, my friends don’t like that im never on time. this probably won’t help, but might

  • BSUB


  • brandon

    i should win b/c i want to win and that’s all that matters

  • Joe

    I don’t have a watch.

  • Adam

    I should get it because i love to watch things. I watch birds, i watch movies but most importantly, i watch your website.

  • Josh

    I’ve been trying to get my hands (or wrist) on a rubber player for a while now. plus i love your website. ill add you guys to my blog roll… k… done. haha. yeah i should win.

  • Scott

    I should win because i lost a very cool Nixon watch a few months ago and haven’t bought another because i will die of heartbreak if i see a model like it at the jewelers.please spare me the pain and allow me to win and maintain my dignity.

  • Brandon

    I should win because I constantly brag multiple times a day about how coolmaterial is the best site for guys to be “in the know” of what is cool and what you need to own. I tell them if they don’t know who coolmaterial is then they better come out from under that rock and learn fast! Whether I’m a winner or a loser here…CoolMaterial you rock! Nixon is a fantastic watch brand and I would love to own one! Watchismo has some seriously unique and amazingly outstanding products timepieces on their site! Thanks for making my day that much better every single day!

  • Joy Boy

    rubber watch? brings me back when i was young. pretty nifty looking watch.

  • Roberto

    i should win this watch because this site rocks. i love the blue, black and drab.

  • andrew

    awesome watch…hook me up

  • Derek

    I should win this watch because it is my 18th birthday on July 27th!

  • Josh

    I should win because I will make the watch look GOOD. And that’s the most important thing. People will ask me where I got it and I will tell them “”

  • Von S.

    safe to say, this watch OOOOZES F A S H I O N . i need a job at cool material, just becauase the material’s cool. R O C K ON!

  • Stephan

    I want this watch b/c I have an extreme love for neat watches, with no budget to fund my obsession.

  • Daniel Lian

    I deserve the watch because i am the epitome of all of the colorful watch brands. I love G-shocks, Flud watches, Cloud 9, AND Nixon..not too mention i LOVE your website; its the perfect website for men who esteem to grow not only in their fashion, but also in their individuality. Not too mention, i also make my watches last as long as possible. I take great pride in my fashion sense. Continue the amazing work!

  • Benito

    I need it for safety

  • Joey Marquez

    I think that the watch goes good with my style especially since I hate the big bulky look of some other watches like the g-shock. Its something I really want and it would brighten my day up cuz aint much else going on for me these days.

  • Schmidty

    I’m just a watch nut, and would love to show this one off.

  • Timothy

    My last watch ended up on the bottom of the Brisbane river during a wake sesh. I haven’t been bothered with getting another watch until I saw this one!

  • Kerri

    Because uh, soma people in the world can’t tell time because they don’t have watches.

  • Tyler

    If I get this fabulous timepiece in your giveaway, I’ll tell everybody I know “HEY THIS COOLMATERIAL WEBSITE IS GIVING AWAY FREE WATCHES!!1″ and you might get see a spike in traffic, assuming my 4 friends all hit the web at the same time.

    Even if that doesn’t work, I’ll still have a cool watch. This is win-win. Seriously.

  • Brian

    I’m down for wearing another rubber – Sign me up.

  • markus

    we need a watch. the deal is, whoever comes too late will get the watch for the following week or so.

  • Devin

    I will rage even harder with this watch on during my DJ sets and my fans will want one too!

  • thepricklypinecone

    My brother is a watch fanatic and he would love to be surprised with this fab watch! Thanks for the chance!

  • BPC

    How often does the opportunity come along to own a purple watch!