GIVEAWAY: Nixon Rubber Player

We’re going to refrain from making rubber jokes as much as possible (specifically as it relates to players) but suffice it to say that the resilience of this particular material is uniquely suited to protecting all kinds of things – the new Benz, your junk, and the time. The Nixon Rubber Player is a unique watch from a company that only makes unique watches. 100 meter molded silicone body, 3 hand Japanese Quartz movement, and just enough bling to say “Yeah, that’s a diamond.”

While they might not come in glow-in-the-dark, you get a pretty serious amount of color options – blue, black, purple, white, orange, drab (they should have just called it gray), and fluro orange (this one’s special). Sure, they don’t come in twelve packs and they’re certainly not cheap at $150 a pop, but that’s where Watchismo comes in. We partnered with Watchismo to give away one Nixon Rubber Player Watch from their immense collection. If you win, you get to pick what color protects your wrist best. Here’s how you get to unwrap one:

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed! Congrats Santiago

Cool Material and Watchismo are giving away one (1) Nixon Rubber Player watch to a lucky reader. To enter – simply leave a comment below telling us why you should win. Double your chances by also leaving a comment on the giveaway post on our Facebook page.  Good luck.

If you haven’t already – get on over to Watchismo and check out their sick selection of vintage and modern watches. They will not disappoint.


  • Joshua Morales

    I should win this because I’m a watch enthusiast and I have watch fetish, which explains my collection plus I flat out want one. Thank You.

  • Matt J

    I have applied to Nixon for a job 3 times and they have yet to get back to me (so much for a 4 year degree!). :( I should at least have one of their sweet watches to commemorate all this rejection, haha!

  • Henry Lum

    I should win because my girlfriend has multiple Nixon watches , yet she wouldn’t let me even have a single one. They’re like her “babies.” So recently , I’ve been desperately trying to get my hands onto some or matter fact a pair , just to somewhat “impress” her. I can guarantee that the blue will definitely stand out if I win this.

  • Lefteris

    Because I asked Santa to get me one but I think he was too busy to remember

  • Aaron

    Would love this watch!

  • Stephen Downey

    I should win this watch because I am the least worthy to win this watch. I am a first-timer here on this website and probably everyone else is into winning this watch more than me. Irony should award the watch to me!

  • Jared Blitz

    I should win because I already have a 51-30, and love it!! This is the one Nixon that I have been wanting to add to my collection!!

  • Jack L

    Because Grecian Formula alone will not make this old man young again. And that watch might.

  • jero

    ese relosss combina con mis solcilloncas. Lo quiero para tenerlo en la mesa de luz. Yo no uso reloj.

  • Eric

    I should win because I don’t have a Nixon watch and would really like one.

  • Roger

    You can never have too many cool looking watches.

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed! Congrats to Santiago. We’ll be in touch.

  • Ferdinand A.

    I should win this watch to help me remember 2 Nixon’s in my life. I was born when Pres. Nixon was the talk of the town. My late Dachshund was also named Nixon. Incidentally, blue is my fav color.

  • sergio

    i love Nixon

  • Marcy

    Nixon watches are way too cool! Right now, I’m in the market for a watch; so that I can get my little guy on time to kindergarten. Plus, it would compliment my white and blue Oasis surf board!