GIVEAWAY: Narwhal Tie-Fold Wallet

When was the last time you changed wallets? If the answer is anything more than a month, you’re probably carrying at least four credit cards, an id, insurance card, frequent shopper cards, some cash, and a few “dinner” receipts you keep forgetting to expense. There’s a name for that – Costanza Syndrome. Carrying around a filing cabinet isn’t only an Ed Hardy level style faux pas, it’s not fair to your ass, or your jeans for that matter.

Narwhal Co. Tie-Fold Wallets have four off set, card-sized pockets to help you keep tabs on the plastic and two large inner pockets to keep tabs on your tabs (so you can remember to expense them). It’s slim, stylish, and in this case less really is more.

It just so happens that Cool Material is going to save you a trip to the chiropractor because we’re giving away 4 Narwhal wallets. There’s no deductible either, you just have to follow these steps:

The Giveaway
Contest Closed – Congrats Steven, Marcia, Juan, and Charles

Simply leave a comment below telling us why you need one of these wallets. We’ll choose 4 winners on Friday 4/9.  Be sure to use a real email address so we can contact you if you win. Good luck.

Checkout Narwhal Co. for tons of cool wallets made from recycled ties.


  • Benny Sigel

    I want one of these dope designed wallets because my money clip wont fit fat knots, nor do my skinny black jeans.. So I get’s ta thinkin that one these wallets will be perfect for me and my lady friend to hit the town up with. I can keep all my parents credit cards in it and a fat wade of mula, plus its going to make a ruckus in the fabric’s department of my school!

  • Vicki Wurgler

    my husband needs one he has an ugly nylon one right now that he uses

  • adam

    my current wallet is starting to fall apart, and could use a new one right about now.

  • John Stockman

    I would like a walrus because I think it’s one of the most fascinating animals in the world. When you see those two long tusks in front of the face, you know this is a bad-ass creature.

    Oh, wal-let, OK.

    I would still like a wallet, because a walrus wouldn’t fit in my pocket nearly as well.

  • Steven

    I need this wallet to secure date number 2! I currently have a wallet that is the digits of pi (3.1415926…) printed on dot matrix paper. I thought an hour of conversation and paying for her meal would be sufficient, but it’s not. They always ask “what is that?” like I’ve got a boil on the side of my face. I explain it’s my wallet, and it’s what I’m using to pay for your meal and a box of condoms for when we go back to your place. They say that won’t be necessary. With a classy wallet, she’ll come home with me, and I’ll record the evening on my webcam and send it to you. Do we have a deal?

  • Kyle

    I need one of these wallets because being a college kid means that the little money i do have needs to be easy to get to for a late night snack, and easy to keep receipts & I’ve tried and failed to make one of these wallets on my own multiple times.

  • CHaN

    i need one beacuse im a bitch’n dude with a busted ass wallet ive owned for 8 years. I promise if i get a free one, ill take good care of it and keep it full of money. i like them simple and efficent like this one im going to win. Im a socal native transplant to a ptown IL. want to show off a litte style and wes-coast sofishtakatshen

  • SGS

    I need this wallet because duct tape just isn’t cool.

  • Jim Ford

    Those wallets are awesome. And how awesome you get to use a tie without cutting off your ability to breath? I’d love to get rid of my boring brown wallet for this. I have the Costanza wallet and I keep it in my front pocket. I just realized how sad that makes me.

  • Tom

    I adorn a shoulder bag which I recently realized is actually just a man purse. A new wallet would give me an excuse to keep my money in my pocket.

  • Chris

    I need one of these wallets, so I can make all my friends jealous. They’ll all want one, and Narhwal will become RICH and FAMOUS!

  • Isaac Adler

    My current wallet was a gift for my bar mitzvah, and I’m 22….

  • gra2b

    Need a new wallet and didn’t get a tie for Christmas this year. This could literally kill two birds with one stone for me.

  • Adam

    I just need a wallet. Straight up, i have a ducttape wallet as is. I’ve looking for a new one for awhile. Not a fan of the big and bulgy wallets. I prefer the slim, quick fold wallets.
    Tie wallets obviously rock…. 1 please!

  • Jimmy

    My wallet is falling apart. No lofty reasons. Just need a new wallet. Why not a stylish one? Yes please.

  • Brian

    Do I need to win one of these wallets? Yes. Why? If I don’t win one, then I have to buy one; Which I can’t afford, because my job screwed me over and didn’t take out any federal tax all year so I just had to cut a huge check to the government. Also they just look so damn bad-ass, and I’m sure all the artsy chicks I hang out with would love it.

  • Brad

    I need a new wallet. My coin purse can’t handle all my bills!!!

  • Jack

    I need one of these wallets so that my parents might finally love me…

  • C.J.

    I need a new wallet because my wallet has let me down on many an occasion. First upon receiving this wallet it’s color bled onto my pants the first day I had it. Secondly this wallet has proceeded to loose countless girls phone numbers. Thirdly and most importantly this wallet has an adverse affect on dogs. For example when I walk into someone’s home who has a dog their muzzle is immediately placed in my backside. This wallet has cost me emotionally, monetarily,and has cursed me with the ability to call all dogs to my derrière.

  • Morgan

    I once punched a dude for gettin fresh with a chick, and I didn’t even know her! If I saw two old ladies getting into a fight, I wouldn’t help… I’d watch. A real man doesn’t need to carry all his shit around, that’s what his womans purse is for. I am an aforementioned real man, and I want one of these wallets to keep two things in; a business card with nothing but my name on it (real men write their numbers down) and a credit card to pay for shit.

  • Aaron

    Why do I need this wallet? I am terminally ill and as a last dying wish I would love to own this wallet… None of the above is true, I don’t really know what to say other than I think its a nice wallet and I would love to win it.

  • Matt

    I found a 5 dollar bill on the ground today and could use a place to put it…

    I hope my goodluck holds, these wallets look sweet

  • Mike

    The concept of up-cycling is one I wish to intertwine into my life and future career as an industrial designer. As a broke as *&^% student I am finding myself substituting good food for blue foam insulation and spray paint to make models. A wallet from re-used neckties shows not only class, but my mission to further promote and perpetuate this type of thinking in the minds of my peers, teachers, and friends. Regardless of this competition, Companies such as Narwhal should be the new standard of an ecological state of mind.

  • JM

    I need one so I can color coordinate with my outfits

  • Nick Baum

    I need this wallet because I am too old for my childish wallet I have been using, but I am too young to use a classic brown leather wallet.

  • Richard Main

    I need this wallet, because i have only had the one wallet for the past 6 years. I got it for free, and its just kind of stuck with me ever since. It’s warped around the shape of my leg i’ve had it so long.

  • chant

    because narwhals need love too.

  • Mary

    I need to impress this girl I’ve got a date with.

  • rau

    i never had a wallet before and then i received one in a holiday office party so i decided to use it. that was almost ten years ago and the clasp finally broke from me thinking i was george costanza and shoving every receipt and scrap of paper inside it. but i still use it even though coins keep falling out of it because i’m too lame/cheap/insert pejorative word here to get one for myself. thank you.

  • RRmike

    I need the Narwal wallet, the wallet my mother gave me in the 8th grade has worn out, even the duct tape repair has worn though.

  • Liam O’Brien

    The wallet I have right now is actually an Ed Hardy knock-off someone gave me. Every time I go to buy something and the cashier sees the heart with a sword and fire around the edges emblazoned on the front of my disgraceful little billfold I can see the disgust in their eyes. I haven’t been able to find a nice wallet since. I am ashamed of this monstrosity. Please help me!

  • Mark G

    :::: my current wallet is constructed of only layers upon layers of duct tape::::

  • VrySnky

    I need one of these because I literally DO NOTY have a wallet. The last one wore out and i’ve been sticking my ID, cash and credit cards in my pocket… not even in a money clip =[

  • Jonathan

    My current wallet is huge. It would be nice to have something a little smaller.

  • Amit

    I will appreciate one of them


  • Lauren

    I need a new wallet because my money is currently being held together by 2 pieces of duct tape (sticky sides together) and a paper clip jimmy’d around them. It’s embarrassing and my gf hates it.

  • Ooi

    I need a new wallet because my current wallet is sticky… um, lets not go into details.

  • sidd

    Because my current wallet is over 10 years old. It’s fat and disgusting.

  • KGP

    Because my husband never buys a new wallet when his falls apart. This one would be awesome because it will force him not to stuff it, therefore not tear it apart.

  • Tjeng-Bo Lie

    Can I use midlife-crisis as an excuse?

  • Danny Boston

    I managed to loose my wallet in the toilet, and am a petrified to grab it with the surround items that are in the toilet currently.

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  • terry

    I would like, not because i need, but bucause i like it.