GIVEAWAY: Name Your Own Bonobos Pants

This sponsored post is brought to you by Bonobos.

Monday through Thursday, what do you wear to work? If you work in a business casual environment, you probably get out of the shower and throw on the closest pair of khakis or black dress pants and whatever shirt matches just like the guys we see walking around the city. You know the pants don’t fit like they should, they’re not all that comfortable and they’re probably one wash away from their untimely demise. Bonobos is the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel because they get it. Their pants (particularly the chinos) fit like a pair of pants should and they’re engineered with cool details like plaid pocket lining, nickel slide snaps and they’re available in every color under the sun. But don’t just take our word for it, slide into some Bonobos pants and figure out for yourself why they’re quickly going to replace your favorite pair of jeans.


Bonobos has pulled out all the stops to show as many people as possible why business casual doesn’t have to feel like prison.

Step 1: Head over to Check out the cords, the chinos and the shorts to get a feel for the style, the colors and the vibe of all the pants – basically, everything that makes Bonobos an extraordinary pair of pants. We know, there are a lot of options to choose from, but your time will be well spent. When you’re done (it took us a good hour to get through all of them), come back here to finish your adventure. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Step 2: Now that you’re back, check out these Bonobos pants (these are the ones we want you to name):

Step 3: Name these Bonobos pants by leaving a comment below. Please, only 1 entry per person. (Only your first entry will be counted.)

When the Giveaway is over on 10/10, there will be 11 big winners.

Grand Prize Winner: Bonobos is actually going to name a pair of pants after your winning entry. You’ll also get a $500 credit to shop at

10 Runners-up: Each of you will get a $100 credit to

Everyone’s a Winner: Each and every one of you reading this is going to get 20% off and Free Shipping from with coupon code COOLMATERIAL

Official Rules


  • Aaron Vander Leek

    “particularly paisley”

  • Blake

    Metallic Amoeba

  • Andrew

    1. Overdose. 2. Retarded.
    FYI, No guys can be found on this planet who would wear a blazer and those pants at the same time. Even the model who wore them demanded that his face be removed from the picture to remain unidentifiable.

  • Aaron Vander Leek

    particularly paisley

  • Blake

    Cholito Banditio

  • Ian

    Paisley Blue Rendezvous

  • Steve Orr

    “The One Night Stand”

  • MaxW

    Welsh Hippie-huggers

  • Michael Dykes

    Grandma’s Old Curtains

  • pete

    Blue Mango Leaf

  • Jesus Robles

    Azúl Extravaganza

  • Ann R Key


  • Ben




  • Rob Muriel

    The John Daly Collection

  • simon kemp

    “the punters”

  • eoinos

    ‘Trouser Jazz’

  • a

    The untouchables

  • A F P


  • Dmitriy

    Paramecium Paisley

  • Sean Fitzgerald

    Azúl Illusionistos

  • Adam

    Ukiyo Rivers

  • David McCusker

    Visualize World Pais

  • Jim DelGrosso

    The Azurebaijans

    In honor of Azerbaijan’s Olympic pants!

  • Pam Hudak

    The Sands of Time

    Made of material fine enough to withstand the intense sun of an Iranian mid-summer day, yet perfectly suited for the cool shade inside the Persian bazaar, these pants will rival the vivid colors of the hand-made rugs that can be seen as you leap from one rooftop to the next. And don’t worry if you get them dirty… you can always turn back time and buy another pair.

  • Raj

    Smoke Trails.

  • berg terdler

    daisy riders

  • Skyler

    Relaxed Royalty

  • bill


  • Gared Frost

    Blue Sundays

  • Dan Cobb

    Way Too Friendlies

  • Jorge

    The Paisley Knights

  • matt


  • David

    Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Aaron

    Paisley Pays Me

  • Shawn

    “Groovy Night” (inspired from the famous painting, “starry night”

  • Renegade


  • Renegade

    Andrew is a douche. I plan to use my winnings to get these pants. I will then purchase a blazer. Then, in all my glory, I will defend the honor of my pants/blazer combo by kicking Andrew’s ass this side of Thursday.

  • Abe G


  • Chinchilla

    Chinchillsters, nuff said.

  • Ryan Wiemer

    Paisley Pandemonium

  • Necks

    Don’t wear the wallpaper.

  • Jordan Casey

    These should be called “The Berkley’s”

  • Cecilia Andes

    Cloud 9

  • Brandon

    ex-girlfriends handbag

  • brent

    Los Chinos

  • Andrew Sipe

    East Indian Night Trader.

  • Heatwave

    Pocket Full of Paisley

  • Cow


  • Gary Hor

    Ambrosial Praiseley

  • MatRom

    Sweet Vaquero