GIVEAWAY: Munitio Nine Millimeter Earphones

You’ve seen the Munitio [M] Black Nine Millimeter Earphones before. If you were one of the few people that didn’t pull the trigger, you don’t know what you’re missing. The world’s first “tactical earphones” aren’t just a bullet shaped pair of ear phones for you to add to your arsenal. Below the titanium coated, machined copper jackets, they’re packing neodymium magnets to bring the boom. Then you factor the Kevlar reinforced fabric cable and the suppressor microphone and the three-way iPhone and Droid controls into everything else, it’s clear that they’re as deadly serious as, well, nine millimeter bullets. The early bird is supposed to get the worm, but this is one of those rare cases when you might have been better off waiting…

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed!

Congrats to Jeff Stanley and Marcus Shiffler
Thanks to the fine folks at Munitio, we have two pairs of the [M] Black Nine Millimeter Earphones ($179 a pair) to give away. All you have to do is fill out this ridiculously short survey and you’ll be entered to win. If you already filled out the survey for the Evoque Wire Wheel Art, just leave a comment below. We’ll pick a winner on 4/1. Good Luck!


This is also one of those rare occasions when everyone is a winner. Even if you don’t win the grand prize, Munitio is offering everyone 25% off with coupon code ‘coolmaterial’. Good things come to those who wait, but don’t wait too long because these will sell out. Munitio [M] Black Nine Millimeter Earphones


  • marty

    I’d love a pair

  • Hunter20

    winning!!!!! (charlie sheen voice)

  • Lynn

    Love this!

  • Arthur

    These are pretty sick

  • Thomas

    do want

  • sayon

    sweet son of a gun !! 😉

  • Rob

    These will “blow” your ears out!

  • mzed


  • Kenny


  • techman0014

    nice buds dont hold out on me cuz i dont have 180 bucks laying around.

    heres something funny that might you decide on who to give the buds to.(ME :) )

    Wendy’s SoNnNnNnNnN
    This place is BAWLIN’ yo. Chicken nuggitz be crispy like you never SEEN. i tasted one and i was like “WHAAAAT! Are you serious WENDY?” Mean girls workin the friers, tho. this one chick wouldn’t even let me holla. I was like “please you ugly anyway”

  • Derek Epps

    I would like to win I’ve never won anything!!

  • vein

    an extra bullet in critical condition

  • Brett Olsen

    Would love these headphones.

  • john

    Hey, This better not be an early “April Fools” joke. “Winner picked on 4/1.” Still hoping its me though.

  • Zane

    WOOOWWW best ear buds i ever seen!!
    locked n’ loaded count me in!!!! :)

  • John Nielsen

    I would love a pair of these!

    BTW Great site!
    -John Nielsen

  • Amar Neg

    love the bird on the headphones.. black on black, wonder what the specs are

  • Ethan Edghill

    Cool headphones – survey is completed.

  • Brian Caulfield

    Ear candy…

  • sezer

    its seems perfect but what is it’s technical specifications? I mean its price is 180$ so there must be something other than bullet shape

  • Pedro

    i would love to have this earphones!

  • ken

    nice lookin, wondering though, about how well they sound.

  • Cybelle Oliveira

    I wanna win!!!

  • jtso23

    my iphone headphones broke. i’d love to have these. but alas, i never win these contests.

  • Kit

    OMG, would love to get one of these.

  • steph


  • amonch

    The Force is strong in these earphones. Only one such as I shall wield it.

  • amonch

    would love to have these in me.that’s what she said.

  • Zellla

    Damn i want these FUCKING AWESOME earphones soooo much :DD

  • karyl

    I would love to win this! I just did the survey.

  • RebelLumberjack

    These make me very very happy

  • Shekhar Bansal


  • theSealyMan


  • Jim

    I want to win them!

  • Dennis

    If I dont win, I’m buying them anyway!

  • Mao


  • Premier

    Much better than what I have.

  • John

    Tomorrow cant come soon enough! I want to win soo bad.

  • Gilberto Loyon

    These will be mine!

  • amonch

    Imma let you all finish….but these earphones has got to be the best prizes of all time and imma have it.

  • Enrique M

    me me me!!!

  • Jennifer

    yes please

  • Chad Mohr

    I’ve been eyeballing these puppies for some time. I’d love to win them. Please consider me. Thanks guys.

  • Alex

    These are seriously awesome

  • scott

    baba booey, baba booey, baba booey.

  • Tyler


  • Steve

    Survey done. Would love to win these, but worry about not mixing them up with the live ammo laying around, Guess would only make that mistake once.

  • Jeff

    Survey done earlier. Would love these

  • Yash

    Filled out the survey, but just for kicks I went to the website and tried the code. It actually gives you 40% off, not 25%, so if you don’t win a pair through here, you could get a pair shipped for ~$115. I just went ahead and ordered a pair of the silver ones cause I like the look of those more.

  • Kristen

    Yes, please!