GIVEAWAY: Kisai Denshoku Watch

GIVEAWAY: Kisai Denshoku Watch


There are a lot of things you’re forced to do simply to please someone else. Off the top of our head: weddings, funerals, terrific lady day, hospital trips, and family vacations. Each one of those potentially miserable experiences has something in common – you will be counting the minutes until it’s over. So wear a watch because phones are disrespectful. The Kisai Denshoku Watch is the perfect watch for the man who values form over function. The fact of the matter is, this watch looks awesome but it’s just as much Tetris as it is time keeping device. If you need to know precisely how many seconds you have left to freedom, this isn’t you watch. If you just want a sweet black aluminum watch with animated orange LED blocks (that fall just like Tetris blocks) – then this is the watch for you. If you’ve got an email address, this $202 watch can be yours for free.

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