GIVEAWAY: Kisai Denshoku Watch

There are a lot of things you’re forced to do simply to please someone else. Off the top of our head: weddings, funerals, terrific lady day, hospital trips, and family vacations. Each one of those potentially miserable experiences has something in common – you will be counting the minutes until it’s over. So wear a watch because phones are disrespectful. The Kisai Denshoku Watch is the perfect watch for the man who values form over function. The fact of the matter is, this watch looks awesome but it’s just as much Tetris as it is time keeping device. If you need to know precisely how many seconds you have left to freedom, this isn’t you watch. If you just want a sweet black aluminum watch with animated orange LED blocks (that fall just like Tetris blocks) – then this is the watch for you. If you’ve got an email address, this $202 watch can be yours for free.

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  • dstan

    i’m already subscribed :(

  • Tara


  • Andrew

    This would be a nice replacement for my junkie swissarmy watch!

  • Patrick

    This would be an interesting one to win!

  • Momota

    Great-looking watch. Would be awesome for parties and clubs.

  • Blackout

    I really want to be a future man, hit me up with this watch!

  • Peter

    I don’t even have a watch… yet!

  • Juan Carlos

    now that’s a watch!

  • Ken

    Me likey

  • James

    Time is on my side

  • modi123

    Sweet.. already on the list!

  • Chuck

    At least it won’t disintegrate after 18 months, like a Zub

  • Dallas

    I don’t tend to wear watches because of my job, but this would totally geek my people out if they saw me with it!

  • Sam

    I am on the list and I totally need a watch xD



  • Benny Sigel

    I need that watch to fuel up the DeLorean!! Bring me back to the future and around some traffic. This watch would be perfect dose of stupendous inspiration while my colleagues and I work away in our tiny little design studio here in Good ol’ LA!

  • Thanassis


  • Austin


  • Josh

    Want, Ill ADD right in to it and never get anything done. But hey it is a sweet looking watch.

  • Chris

    I’m always late. I just want to look awesome when I walk through the door!

  • marko

    do want!

  • mike

    send me this watch made of cylon parts!

  • Chris

    Reminds me of Knight Rider. The chics would dig me.

  • Richard Lee

    looks like its from the future

  • http://yahoo Wilfred Whittingham

    All I know is, that it is after 3 p.m.

  • yoes

    I never wear anykind of watches in my life! I want to wear one, especially this watch. Pls send it to me

  • Adam cruz

    Watch looks great. I’ll gladly take it off your hands, for wrist in this case

  • Chad

    Think this could be my lucky week? I’d gladly wear that watch day and night!

  • Dan

    very cool.. kinda reminds me of Knight Rider’s KIT

  • Corinne Kurzmann

    My fella is a real nerdy lawyer and he just bought me a house..this would be a nice thank you..along with a few other ideas I have 😉

  • Michael

    I’d be proud to sport this bad boy!

  • Kevin

    Awesome looking watch!

  • KL

    Unbelievable cool!!!!! I want this !!!!

  • jason

    OOhhh, liiiights!!!!


    May I please have this watch? keep in mind i was polite about it.

  • Erik

    Wow! A watch from the future!

  • Mike

    That’s a pretty badass looking watch…

  • Dennis

    Yes please.

  • bob thebuilder

    this watch it sweet looking

  • Charles

    I would love to add this watch to the wardrobe. This is way too fresh.

  • GalSa

    Hoping for the best – to own this beauty in the near future! :)

  • Jared

    Count me in…

  • Michelle

    Woooho, i’d like to have this K.I.T.T-look-a-like watch!

    Greetings from Switzerland!

  • jesse


  • Ken

    Cool watch!

  • Phillip

    i wish someone would get this for my birthday :(

  • Victor

    I want it so so bad!

  • Ives

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  • jt

    Whoever gave this description watches “The League”. …Terrific lady day….I knew I loved this site.