GIVEAWAY: Karvt Wood Apple Skins

Men have been covering things in wood for as long as we can remember. Cars, walls, gadgets, it doesn’t matter. As men we have an almost inexplicable love of wood and it’s not going to end any time soon. We don’t have a problem with that and neither do the people at Karvt. Karvt makes 100% real wood skins for every Apple device under the sun. Peel the backing off of the professional grade 3M adhesive and stick it onto your fruit of choice. Since they start at only $15, you can still afford one – even though you blew most of your stash on that shiny new “toy.” But why pay $15 or more for something that we want to give you for free?

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed!

Congrats to:
PaulieD – iPhone 4
Daniel – iPhone 4
Tony – iPhone 4
Austin Teer – iPhone 3G
JQ – iPhone 3G
Monica – iPad
Peter Ciambrone – iPad
Joshua – Macbook 17
Brett – Macbook 13
Kyle – Macbook 13
Dr.Phil – Macbook 13
Evan – Macbook 15

We have Karvt skins for the iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPad, and different sized Macbooks. If you want to win, leave a comment below telling us why you should win. Make sure to tell us what device you want to cover in wood. If you have a Macbook – mention the size.

We’ll choose winners 11/19. Good Luck.

Make sure to stop by Karvt and check out their full line of skins.


  • Todd

    I would love to cover my new 13″ macbook with one of these skins. Since I just started a new job, it would be a great conversation starter in meetings!

  • Ryan

    I’d like to slap these on my Brand NEW Iphone 3. Will you also hook me up with one for my craneal implant iphone 6 when it comes out next year?

  • cm

    For my nephew’s birthday (Macbook 17’/first gen iphone 3).

  • Tim Cruickshank

    Hit me up!

  • Adam Silva

    I would love to get a woody for my iphone 4 rather than looking at sites of dubious content and getting a woody from my iphone 4

  • Joshua.

    Because my 17″ macbook pro would look amazing covered in wood. AND it would give all the guys in my office another reason to be jealous of the “new guy”

  • Chris

    I need them so my iPhone, MacBook, and iPad will all match the decor of my home.

  • Red

    my macbook pro 17″ would look dope… so would the iphone… but i’d much rather have the case for my mbp… i can has wood?

  • Devin

    because i am a woodworker/furniture maker and having a wood skin on my 13 inch MacBook Pro, or on my Iphone4 would look so official!

  • Eduardo Bertran

    I’d like a cover either for an Iphone 3g or MacBook (13 inch) because at the end of the day, nothing says “good” like “wood.” And oh yea, I’m a poor grad student who can’t afford to upgrade anything until I get a job (yea, I went there)

  • Rob

    Why should I win? I have an iPhone 4 and girls like wood. ‘Nuff said.

  • Darwin

    Because I bought a watch you guys wrote about AND I’m tired of having an iPhone4 and a MacBook like everyone else.

  • jeremy

    the game.

    thats why i should win a cover for my iphone 4 or 17″ macbook

  • Adam

    So my I can use the phrase “I am kind of a big deal my iPhone 4 smells of rich mahogany”

  • Aaron

    I would want one of these for my iPad because they’re such attention getters. So gorgeous.

  • Robert

    I need one!

  • Cameron

    I have never won anything and I freaked when I saw the rustic wood Mac skin. This would be an outstanding addition to my classy MacBook Pro 13′

  • Fishdog

    Being able to cover my iPhone 3G with wood skin would be apropos because I usually keep it in my front pocket.

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin…

  • Alex

    I would line the skin for my iPhone 3G because here winter is behind the door and with that wooden cover and my iPhone I could light better my fireplace at home!

  • superleone

    I pop wood when i look at Karvt wood apple skins.
    (ipod touch 4th Gen)

  • Marcos Soto

    I’d like to be considered for the wood skin because my iPad needs to the meat patty in between the warm wood buns. Metal and wood together in perfect harmony. I’m thinking Chipotle style, not Jeep Wagoneer.

  • Carlson

    skipping the eenis jokes my 3GS would love to not be so exposed.

  • Kelvin

    I should win because it shows this is a cool website that is willing to send the prize (skin for iPhone 4) all the way to Singapore.

  • Monica

    I just got an Ipad. These covers are even cooler than it! What great advertising – my Ipad, your kick ass cover…it’s like a match made in heaven!

  • Tony

    I need this stylish and sleek look for when I go to business meetings for my iphone 4 and macbookpro 13′. I would just like to show of mostly (ha ha) and have people ask me where I got theses exclusive skins from! I love it!

  • mike

    i want to win one for my ipad because i want the coolest, most original looking ipad in my university class. this wooden skin should do it!

  • Jimmy

    I feel shame at being just another mindless Apple consumer and covering my iPhone 3 with a classy skin like this would help reduce the embarrassment.

  • Brian

    My macbook pro is 4 years old, has a battery life of roughly 5 minutes, has a scratched and dirty casing on it, and simply put looks like it has been through hell. Help me protect my 15 inch macbook pro for the remainder of its life…Not to mention it would be really really ridiculously good looking to match its owner.

  • Aaron

    iWood really want to tell people I have a Woodi…Pod :)

  • T.J.

    I’m a poor college student with a naked iphone 4.

  • Guillaume

    I want to win a new cover for my iphone 4 because i love wood!

  • Alex T

    Why me? Because what better way to show that I go Green!Not to mention I’ll be able to be camoflauge when I’m doing my work on my 15″ powerbook in Central Park!

  • Sibzzz

    IPHONE 4 woody pleasee

  • Victor D.

    I think these wooden casing show off a love for the earth. The wooden casings are stylish and cool but also protective. My macbook 13 inch would look elegant, classy and plainly cool compared to other plastic cases. What better way to show love for our earth than to represent it on our amazing computers!

  • Johnny

    I’ll be your friend. Swearsies.

  • Tyler

    I am in college and own a 13″ macbook pro (bought it new in ’09) this was a big investment for me. I purchased it for doing design work with Adobe Creative Suit. I have always like the wood look and I think it would be really cool to have my mac decked out in a Karvt wood cover! (Plus, it would help keep my heavily used and mac scratch free) I am in the advertising program and I would definitely tell everyone where to go to acquire a case as cool as mine. I would even “hype” your company by handing out Kurvt stickers if you are willing to send them (or have them for that matter).

    Thank you for your consideration

  • Erik L

    I’d like to win an iPad cover, because it would obligate me to go out and buy an actual iPad for it cover.

  • Tam

    I don’t perspire. I can tread water for a week straight. I’ve saved the world with only my abacus in hand. I have a pet grizzly bear that I caught in the wild. It is now trained to fold my laundry. I have perfect pitch. My fan club on facebook has more than one million likes. I can walk through walls. I can describe myself in one word: dang. I can cook 3 minute instant dinners in 1 minute. I own a one gear bike, have a vintage camera, and black rimmed frames: I am a 20th century hippie (it’s called some obscure trend, you wouldn’t know it).
    But I don’t have a Karvt skin (mpb 13″,for future reference, just in case you need it).

  • Joe Kovacevich

    I spend countless hours in coffee shops with my 13″ macbook. Call me a hipster, but its a good computer and i get a lot of work done in public places. that being said, i would be a great ambassador for cool material and Karvt! :-)

  • B HAUS

    This would allow me to drink so much iced tea while using my Macbook Pro UNIBODY 13 incher!!!!

  • John

    iphone 4, ipad, of Powerbook G4 all give me the required wood. Having real wood skins would just be the climax. OH YA!

  • Bob Mennell


  • Leandro Ekman

    So, I have an Iphone 3G and MacBook Pro 13″
    And they really need to be in style, so far they look good, but that is not enough, they need to be COOL!


  • Marius

    Because together we will conquer the world.

    (iPhone 3Gs)

  • Tara

    Just a simple girl trying to live the creative life. 13″ Macbook Unibody. Cedar wood

  • Dr.Phil

    Dr.Phil can already tell the future. He already knew he won but would like to thank cool material for having this contest. Also, can everyone else start to go psychologically crazy so we can boost my ratings. Thaaanks.

  • Tim McCormick

    I like the idea of exotic hardwood skins for a MacBook pro 15 inch. What an absolute juxtaposition, covering the ultimate high tec device in the warmth of nature’s most tactile and primative material. The sleek trim laser cut fit, coupled with a peek at the gorgeous sculpted aluminum design beneath completes the tool, making it as wonderful to feel as it is to use. Gotta have it!