GIVEAWAY: FrozenBalls Ice Sphere Maker (Closed)

Drop a couple of ice cubes into a warm drink and they’ll quickly water down your beverage into a glass of tasteless liquid. We like our drinks tasty but cold. To achieve that, we turn to something as awesome as the FrozenBalls ice sphere maker. Using thermal mass, the aluminum ice sculptor will serve up a large solid sphere of ice in less than a minute. You can get all experimental too and make some with coffee and other liquids for different looks and tastes to to add to your drink. Basically, you serve up a few cocktails at your next party complete with these ice spheres and your guests will be insanely jealous. So, want to make them jealous without laying down the cash? Here’s how you can win a FrozenBalls Ice Sphere Maker ($550):


GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed!  Congrats to Chip K.

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We’ll pick a winner on 9/4/12. If you’re already on the list, leave a comment below and we’ll verify that you’re on it. Sorry, this giveaway is open to North America residents only.

Don’t forget to check out FrozenBalls shop to get your own kick-ass ice sphere maker!


  • Mark

    Way cool and possibly free? Cooler, still.

  • Josh Hittinger

    If I had this amazing piece in my new home, the females would be forced to flock like the salmon of Capestrana. The beer will flow like wine, that I can guarantee.

  • JadeZero

    Amazing choice of technology to bring our attention to, like always. Keep up the great work.

  • Caroline Park

    People come up with the coolest stuff. This is genius and would be awesome to have.

  • Jim Parker

    I want to get down on these FrozenBALLS!

  • chunk

    gimme gimme gimme

  • John Robin

    perfectly round.. how ice!

  • Mike

    I want a frozen ball….

  • TUAN

    PICK ME PLEASE!!!!! : )

  • erik

    just making sure I’m on the list. Looks awesome.

  • kevin

    balls, got em

  • Tomas C T-Rayas

    make it happen captain. i’ll post a pic on facebook and i’ll tag you in the caption!
    i’ve got the whiskey i just need to have some ice spheres. i’ll think of you, raise my glass and shout out “cheers!”
    scotch, bourbon or rye, hand me the ice ball maker and don’t let the integrity of flavour DIE.

  • disqus_ptg33Q9EE9

    hope it not too late to be part of this

  • jackofblades99

    i really need one of those

  • Tom

    I have a shitty plastic one that never works…hopefully this will solve my problems

  • Bryan

    This Looks AWESOME

  • Greg Anstett

    Would mind me one of them there magic ice ball makers

  • myv

    This is pretty sweeeeeet

  • TroyL

    This looks so cool!

  • BEK

    Keep it icy!

  • MBP

    Ice is cold.

  • Kyle Tilley

    Hope to win FrozenBalls before I have a frozen set this winter.

  • David Belmonte

    This looks like a cool thing to own

  • Tom

    yup, this would do nicely

  • Jerry Zhao


  • jon

    I can’t think of a better bff for rum.

  • nathan


  • Zachary

    This thing is absolutely awesome. Seriously, who wouldn’t want this?!

  • achilles21

    having this would make my stupid rent bearable.

  • cUgh

    I always wanted rounder ice. :)

  • Jonathan

    This would be the PERFECT wedding anniversary gift (which is today, btw…)! If I had this, I could give my wife frozen balls! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Jeff

    Having a round ice ball maker would make the perfect addition to my snowman making kit. Please pick me.

  • Gerardo

    Right here!!!!

  • Richard

    Hook me up with that magic ice machine. I want to make three of them so that I can juggle like an ice wizard. I will attempt to set a world record for ice ball juggling before my hands have frostbite. That much I can assure you

  • TC

    “Go ahead… make my day” Clint, 2012

  • Gerardo

    If you win this post something showing you won! I want to know that this real not just some way to get your email.

  • Nathan Limbach

    Dudes, seriously pick someone who HATES crappy ice so much that they end up drinking out of the bottle in the winter just to get the taste they’re looking for

  • Tyler Smith

    Who wouldn’t love some frozen balls in their libation?

  • kelvin hobson

    cool gadget,let me win!

  • Rob

    Lance Armstrong could use one of these



  • ChrisP.

    frozen balls r coo

  • ManlyMan

    those are awesome!

  • TheDream


  • Edison

    This would be awesome to have in my bar. Love it

  • cbouswassa

    Um, that is the coolestmostfreakingawesomest thing EVER!!!!!!!

  • DAVE

    The displacement is amazing in Whiskey

  • JFab258

    Who doesn’t love icy balls!?!

  • David

    I like cheese. So does my dog.

  • Mitch

    ice cold balls. i will share them with all my friends.