GIVEAWAY: Elgin Oval Jeweled Cufflinks

The Giveaways here at Cool Material show no signs of stopping. You still have seven whole days to enter to win a TSOVET CS130110 but here we go again (hopefully not on our own) with another giveaway. We’ve already given away watches, wallets, bags, and grooming products so since we haven’t (yet) figured out how to giveaway beer (can’t ship) or hot women (something about human rights) we’re going to go with cufflinks this week.

At only 3/4 of an inch and $155, the Elgin Oval Jeweled Cufflinks are actually the most expensive giveaway we have ever done when you factor size into price. And if you’ve ever been to Vegas you know how important it is to factor size(s) into price. If simply wearing cufflinks separates the men from the boys then these Elgin Oval Jeweled Cufflinks will make you Bear Grylls – a very well dressed Bear Grylls. The seventeen jewels, gold accents, and silver finish are all notable additions, but the fact that it’s made from watch parts is what really makes it tick.

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest closed. Congrats to rahulkv21

Simply leave a comment below to be entered to win. Earn extra points by leaving a comment on our Facebook page as well. We’ll choose one lucky winner on Friday 6/18.  Good luck.

Check out to see their full selection of watch cufflinks, jewelry and other accessories.

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  • vincent hawley

    i like!

  • Michael

    Wow, these look amazing!

  • Jimmy Chiang

    awesome! I need them to match my awesome watch

  • Jay Bayless

    Just in time for father’s day, huh?

    I know my da would love a pair of these puppies, and ya can’t beat the price.

  • Jay

    Drool. Must. Have. Links. Now.

  • Thomas

    Love Them! Very original as well as unique.

  • ATH44

    I love watch movement cufflinks!

  • Bruce

    These tock.

  • Ira Dee

    Cool Material is cool!

  • modernzebra

    Having these would be great… but they would be even better if they were iconicly connected to some type of neo-Victorian subculture… oh… you don’t say.

  • nelsonmg

    ill take em if they are free. wouldnt buy em.

  • willyt3

    Those look sweet!

  • skonski

    Cool Cuffs!

  • adnan

    These will look sooo good with me on me way to office…….

  • Jon

    I’d give the shirt off my back for these. But that would then leave a problem…

  • Enciam

    clocking wise!

  • Man of Sack

    AMAZING, They would go perfectly with my fob watch… I NEED THEM!

  • bobthebuilder

    i would kill for these

  • Josh

    Those cuffs are tight I love precision machinery

  • Aho

    Wow, epic. Heard they have built in turboencabulators.

  • bflatt

    I think these would be the first Cufflinks to ever match my watch (I just bought one with dials on the outside as well). Amazingly unique and incredible

  • Mike

    That’s a pretty wicked set of cuff links!

  • Jeff

    These things look badass… i want some!

  • geoffrioinns


  • Mike

    Not only bad-ass but up-cycled as well. Maybe they can be a great interest piece at a job interview. Only one way to find out…

  • Piotr

    Greta, steampunky idea!

  • aRMAND

    I’ll give it a shot!

  • Jordan

    My chance

  • rahulkv21

    hope to add these to my collection

  • aurieldad1

    Now These are perfect gearhead items!

  • eileen-nyc


  • http://None CharmHer

    these cuffs are pretty ugly, but i could make them look good

  • ReS

    Wicked cufflinks.

  • ken

    a perfect excuse to buy a new shirt that isn’t a t-shirt!

  • matsumoto

    a perfect excuse to wear cufflinks

  • Tom Federico

    A watch on my wrist and two more on my cuffs and Ill still manage to be late.

    Thanks CM!

  • Holygoof

    Awesome steam punk cufflinks.

  • andrew

    these are killer…I would love to wear them

  • Duncan

    I want!

  • Jeremy

    Looks great!

  • KontraChookie

    Very Manly!

  • Rizwan Patel

    these are awesome

  • JAY

    Hook me up w/ those cool @$$ links!!

  • rickodum

    Awesome links. It’ll give me an excuse to buy some French Cuff shirts.

  • jak5080

    will go great with my new suit!

  • hector

    these would be a good first pair of cufflinks

  • Rick Downer

    These would make my Father-In-Law so jealous, I might actually impress him if I had these!

  • Zack

    These will fit the theme of my new steampunk wardrobe!

  • Rob

    I need me some cool cufflinks!

  • Gene Albright

    Hope I win!