GIVEAWAY: Dosh Wallets

You can tell a lot about a man by his wallet. Fat, skinny, credit cards, cash, Costanza, money clip – the possibilities are as endless as the outcome. And therein lies the rub. If you go with a standard tri-fold leather wallet nestled uncomfortably in your back pocket you’re going to ruin your jeans, your wallet, and your ass. If you were to, say, stow your valuables in a wallet created out of a super scientific polymer that’s highly durable and water resistant you would spend so much time showing people your wallet that it wouldn’t spend any time in your pants. A Dosh Wallet is just such a wallet. Now you can have one of seven $65+ Dosh wallets – for free.

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed
Congrats Joseph, Joe, Matt, Johnny, Zachary, Jesse, and Dennis

Seven Dosh wallets ($60+ each) for seven lucky readers and all it takes is Facebook.

To enter – Like Cool Material on Facebook and leave a comment on the Dosh Giveaway post (on Facebook).

We’ll choose 7 winners 11/05. Good Luck.

Check out the full line of Dosh Wallets

The wallets:


  • Ann C

    I “LIKE” Cool Material on FB.

    Any of these wallets would be cool for my son.

  • carl

    dosh wallets are sick

  • Catt

    so Freakin’ Hip!

  • Isaiah Bullock

    This wallet is perfect for me! Its young, fun, (care)free. Perfect for the modern man who only caries two to four cards and an id. Im not one of those prehistoric men using his wallet as a roledex of business card, receipts, and baby pictures and I absolutely detest the “back pocket bulge” which gets imprinted into your pants and while sitting makes half your body 2 inches higher than the other. I like you on facebook and actually posted this on my facebook when I saw it, and would love one.!/photo.php?fbid=1453017890534&set=a.1146555789173.2021022.1385880099

  • Ali

    Yes! please give me a chance at it…


  • mark

    Give me one please, I like them and I want one

  • Josh

    I would love one of these! I’ve been eyeing them on cool material for a while.

  • mike

    HAHA I think the comments are supposed to be on Facebook ppl.

  • Andrew

    this wallets are dope, i hella need one

  • Jesse

    Not on FB – Hook me up with an entry?

  • liberty

    So trendy.

  • Tony

    First off, just let me say that this is a cool sleek wallet (which I need). If you all saw my wallet now, you would be begging me to take my pick….lol (I’ve had it for 2 years and it’s tragic). I love the colors and design of this wallet. By me being a model/photographer, I need something that is going to be exclusive and have people asking questions about where I got it…lol. This wallet has a great price point and if I could win it, it would be a great for me to have!