GIVEAWAY: Deskology Modern Desk Accessories

Man judges himself on two criteria: his “list” (you know you have one) and his work. Both of which can and/or should (depending on your perspective) be performed in an office (home or otherwise). You need a place to work – and write your list – that is chock full of everyday office supplies. Pens, paper, Post-Its, business cards, etc. are all mandatory for any office. Just because you have to have them doesn’t mean they can’t be displayed prominently. The Deskology Modern Desk Accessories set will allow you to do just that – without clashing with the Apple aesthetic you’re going for. The all aluminum set includes an Inbox (fits letter/A4 paper, and bills), Pencil Cup (3″x3″x4″), Doodad Cup (4″x4″x2″), and a Business Card Holder (duh). Want one of the $189 sets for free? Get writing.

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed

Congrats to David Winters – Winner of the Deskology Modern Desk Accessories

If you knew they would see it, what would you write on a Post-It to your favorite celebrity? We figure you can fit about 100 words on a Post-It, so you only get 100 words to work with. Write it in a comment below and you could win the $189 Deskology Modern Desk Accessories set. Think of it like a love letter, just shorter.

We’ll pick a winner 10/1. Good Luck.

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  • Aric Abraham

    Dear Michael Scott,
    I peed in the coffee pot.

  • epc1046

    dear marlon brando,
    you are the founder of cool. that whould be your title “CEO of Cool”
    au revoir

    ps be my best friend?

  • Tyler

    Dear Jessica Alba
    Do you like what you see? Of course you do, because it’s mine and you like everything i have. Including my scooby doo pajamas. But thats besides the point. This is the greatest office organizer of all time and it is mine. Now get out of my office, I have more important things to do. Like organize my new deskology desk accesories. Have a beautifull day darling and i will see you at home.

  • jason

    Glenn Beck,

    You can stop trolling America now.

  • Scott

    This is the BOMB! to have at work!

  • coswell

    To Bradford Cox

    Stay Creative!

  • ken

    I owed the IRS over $3 million. American Tax Relief didn’t help me out. Now I need a cool desk set like this to replace the stuff the Infernal Revenue Service got…

  • Chad

    Oh, you like this desk set? Well, I won it from this amazing site called Cool Material. You’ve heard of it…that’s awesome! And you want to be their celebrity endorser? Wow, I’ll let them know!

  • Steve

    Hey Jimi,
    Seriously man, You’ve got to take it easy on the tight curves.
    Segways just aren’t that maneuverable.
    Be safe out there Sunday!

  • Dan

    Hey Betty White,
    Please give me the number of your publicist. I was thinking of rising from obscurity too!


  • Zack

    Daniel Craig,

    When I referred to you as my celebrity man-crush, it was because I would like to learn your ways, and not that I wanted to do you in the pooper. Sincerely yours, Zack

  • Heather S


    Happy happy birthday love! You are as lovely today as ever!


  • Andy T

    (after finishing the village)

    Dear M. Night Shamalan

    Please stop making movies, i have come from the future, and they are all terrible! you know how they say stop while you’re ahead, well that may be sooner for you then you’d think…..

    a fan atm, but not one in the future


  • Bob

    Dear ?uestlove,

    Will you come to my office and hold my pens and stuff? No? How about you just help me win the Deskology Modern Desk Accessories from Cool Material? Kthxbai.

  • Foodle

    So what do I have to write to win this thing?
    Well I guess I’ll write why I need it :) just got a new job nd this will look awesome in my new office and def a great addition to my ipad stand :)

  • Drizzle


    You make a hot rooster.


  • pedro

    my dog lost a testicle in a freak accident. i want to win this for taco.

  • Mack

    Dearest Cory Mathews,
    What the hell happened to Mr. Turner after his motorcycle accident?

  • Joshua Morales

    Dear Prince of Halloween,

    I would like one of these desk sets in my trick-or-treat baggy, and don’t forget the king size package of Reeses peanut butter cups .

    Thanks Punk

  • Aaron Michael (exactly 100 words)

    Dear Mr. Kubrick,
    How you are reading this postmortem I do not know, but what I do know is that a hundred words is not enough to express the life changing experiences I have had watching your films. I wish only that your genius could have been immortalized so that you could continue to inspire generations to come. If I can add in one point of criticism without offending you it would be that you should have never made Eyes Wide Shut. It is undoubtedly a good film, but not one you should have wasted your limited time on.