GIVEAWAY: Braun cruZer Pack (CLOSED)

Keeping our facial hair game in check is just one part of our daily routine. We always want our appearance to be as clean and crisp as the sound beating through our headphones. Even if you’re going for that “just got out of bed” look, it takes some styling to achieve it. With this gift pack from Braun, you can obtain that perfect 5 o’clock shadow, the right length on your buzz cut and have a new pair of cans to put atop your cranium when you’re done.

GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Cody R.

We’re giving away the Braun cruZer Pack which includes the Braun cruZer Face, the Braun cruZer Beard & Head, a pair of Urbanears Plattan Headphones and a thumb drive. Here’s how you enter to win it all:

To Enter:

1. Think of your favorite bearded musician.

2. Yes, seriously.

3. Leave your pick in a comment on this post.

We’ll pick a random winner on 4/27. Good luck!


  • jamie reid

    jeru the damaja. simples.

  • brennen

    Kyp Malone from TV on the radio. Uh durr

  • schlueter

    Jim jones from my morning jacket. Man has the voice an angel.

  • brennen

    kyp malone from tv on the radio!

  • Alex

    Greg Laswell

  • Justin Cox

    gotta be Bob Schneider

  • Peter Ciambrone

    70’s Bruce Springsteen!

  • Austynn machado

    Action Bronson… the white Rick Ross

  • Steve

    Marvin Gaye. His beard on the What’s Going On album is classic.

  • Joe Piehl

    ZZ Top… enough said.

  • RA

    Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys

  • Jeanette

    Jim James. My Morning Jacket. Voice of an angel!

  • juan

    any of the musicians i’ve been told i look like…wes borland (from limp bizkit, i should be ashamed, i know…but i’m talking early stuff), serj tankian (from system of a down, which is the most common, and current one), mike shinoda and the other dude with a goatee. then there’s bad asses like david allan coe, just because he don’t care and defies genre labels.

  • AR

    Billy Gibbons.

  • Fonso

    Bob marley, Willie Nelson or John Lennon.

  • Dan

    ZZ Top.

  • Alex

    Dave Grohl ftw

  • Brian Adams

    ZZ Top love their guitar powered tracks.

  • Gray

    Billy “Smoother than bare breasts” Gibbons

  • Jason

    Bob Marley

  • Chaser

    Hank Williams Jr

  • Karolis

    James Hetfield fuck yeah

  • Brandon

    Dave Grohl

  • Kristopher F

    Has to be ZZ Top with those impressive beards!

  • Eric S

    I’d go with Samuel Beam from Iron and Wine.

  • Nandx

    Eric Clapton

  • Yianni

    Dan Auerbach

  • Johan

    Dave Grohl

  • Ulek

    For musicians definitely Billy Gibbons, otherwise Gavin McInnes

  • mlodyulek

    For musicians definitely Billy Gibbons, otherwise Gavin McInnes

  • Ball Lightning

    Al Deans

  • John Arthur

    James Hetfield of Metallica, he’s rocked a beard, the fu manchu, chops, he can pull of anything and has probably tried it at least once.

  • pgrim91

    zz top

  • Rick Yanda

    William Fitzsimmons defines what a beard is!

  • Chris

    Gotta appreciate Dave Grohl’s chops, so consistent through the years. Dude must use Braun

  • Michael

    Questlove… Word…

  • Josh Davidsburg

    dan auerbach

  • http://CoolMaterial Gary Phillips

    Seriously? Bob Seger has been rocking a beard that defines “rocking” forever.

  • Jhust

    Ricky Rozzay!!!

  • Ken Kleinsteuber

    Zac Brown

  • Daniel

    Tunde Adebimpe- TV on the radio.

  • Chas!

    Paul McCartney

  • Oxy

    Duane Allman

  • Peter

    your mom

  • bigscarywolf

    I choose Varg Vikerness!!! (Burzum)

  • Andris

    Jason Devore

  • kalinich

    ZZ Top

  • Justin

    Mick Fleetwood

  • ste_v0

    The teflon don Rick Ross

  • Joe

    Billy Gibbons (ZZ TOP)