GIVEAWAY: 3 Crumpler Bags (CLOSED)

Getting your gear from point a to point b was a lot easier before you had to carry a laptop, or a change of clothes or even an extra cell phone charger. We’ve gotten to the point now that we can’t even leave the house without a bag to hold the daily essentials and that bag needs an upgrade. Whether it’s a huge expandable duffle, a DSLR kit or a “go bag,” Crumpler has something that will work for you. We also happen to have over $400 in Crumpler Bags to giveaway on their behalf. You could be one of three lucky winners if you keep reading…

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Congrats Francisco P, Jeff B. and Joshua S.

If you want to walk away from this with a brand new Crumpler Dry Red No 5 ($175), Peak Season ($65), or Enthusiast bag ($175) for $0, just follow these steps:

To Enter:
1. Like Cool Material on Facebook. (If you already do, proceed to the next step)

2. Leave a comment on this Facebook post with the first thing you’re going to put in your new bag.

We’ll pick three different winners on 4/5. Good luck!


  • ken

    i’m gonna drop two dollars in quarters in the bottom so i won’t ever be too broke to buy a diet mt dew…

  • Anthony Ricci

    Warwick Davis

  • Mel E.

    I’m going to put my folders and books in there so I can go to my classes in style.

  • Mitchell Guzman

    I’m going to put my work out gear in the bag and show off my new bag in the gym.

  • juan

    porn, peanut butter and a kettlebell (for when i get bored with the peanut butter.)

  • Kevin Watters

    My dignity

  • Joy Q

    I will put my daily survival needs: LAPTOP, Charger cords, Candy/Meal bars, Backup shirt and shorts, Deodorant, hand lotion* and all need NINJA GEAR, stars, wall spikes, throwing darts, Ninja Hoodie and somehow fit my NINJA sword somehow. oh and 5 bucks for a FOOT LONG sandwich! Oh and a bottle of crystal geyser. IF I have room, ill put a toothbrush and toothpaste. I think I got it all.

  • Jerry tatro

    Crumple stiltskin got crumpled and won a crumpler by liking cool material on disgracebook.



  • Kimberly

    It looks perfect for my hiking gear!

  • Speed Racer

    I’m gonna put helmet in there

  • Blanca

    Ummm, is there a character limit on this comment? Put it this way, I prepare and pack for just about everything…and for a few things that, I’m pretty sure of, are only conceivable to me… You know, I’m one of those “just in case” kinda gals.

  • eric kunz

    shorts and tshirts for drum corps!

  • Grizz068

    The first thing I am going to do with this bag is fill it to the brim with supplies for this years Bonnaroo festival.

  • KegWorks

    First thing I would stash in this bag is my Frisbee golf discs and 6’er of Keystone Light.

  • Varun Amatya

    As I go to crash in my friends place very often, I would pack my clothes and my swimming trunk in that bag.