• Ezra

    It’s scabies, not lice.

  • Stumbler222222

    This is entirely uninspired, not even remotely humorous, and frankly kind of offensive.

  • Sparkus

    I agree with Stumbler. It’s awful.

  • Dumpy Article

    This wasn’t funny at all…

  • Bob

    The truth hurts, huh?

  • DR

    lmao quit your bitching people it’s suppose to be something to laugh about! If you don’t like it, don’t waste your time writing how awful it is. @Stumbler2+ if you found it offensive, you must be the Malt Liquor! Get a job! lol

  • joe c

    Plus that ain’t how you spell “pied-à-terre”

  • Stew

    If this infographic was a air freshener scent it would be boiled monkey piss with AIDS!!!

    Wylie you need a ghost writer who IS funny…

  • Spewf

    I thought this was hilarious.

    Good job CM

  • Ancel De Lambert

    What about vodka?

  • Ralf

    Eh, kind of a lame cross-section of drinks. I get what it’s going for, but no one’s going to get many ha-ha’s by saying “gay men drink girly-sounding drinks with no real substance” or with a thinly veiled racist commentary.

    I mean, the homeless don’t drink malt liquor. They drink mouthwash.

  • biggerricker

    kinda funny, most professors I know drink imported light beer not scotch however. The PC crybabys need to develop a thicker skin and a sense of humor IMHO.

  • Michael Carper

    Cmon, haven’t you been to a college campus? Why aren’t Natty Ices represented?

  • Llucky

    My gosh you people take things a little too seriously! Chill out and laugh every once in a while. If you got offended, that means she’s right! And, she pegged you!

  • Summi

    Stop crying and find a job you offended f$!ks, the jokes really on you lol.

  • Jermtown

    eh, just wasn’t insightful enough to be interesting and otherwise the jokes were all used up

  • superman

    what about beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uh..

    It was pretty funny, not fantastic but who cares? People need to grow up and stop bithing about what offends them..

  • victor lungu


  • victor lungu

    Bad taste.