Flowchart: Should You Friend Your Parents on Facebook?

If you haven’t already, there’s still a good chance you could hear this dreaded question from one of your folks, “How do I sign up for this Facebook thing people are talking about?” You’ll tell them it’s stupid and they wouldn’t like it, but before you know it, they’ll be Liking and Poking away. When the moment comes where a friend request is waiting for you from mom or pop, here’s some help on what to do next.


  • anonymous

    The first question is stupid. I live in my home and my parents live in their home.

  • Lola

    No it’s not. Everyone knows what ‘do you live at home’ means. You’re just retarded.

  • mags

    seriously anonymous???? I believe the title of this chart will help explain that first question…. Lola is right, everyone knows what ‘do you live at home’ means. But obviously you don’t, so here you go: it means DO YOU LIVE AT HOME WITH YOUR PARENTS???? This chart is a funny way of seeing if you should be friends with your PARENTS on facebook.

  • anonymous2.0

    I’m with “anonymous” on this one. As an adult, living in the house that I own 1500 miles away from the house I grew up in is “living at home.” Living in the house I grew up in would be “living with my parents.”

    If you are a child, you might consider “living at home” living with your parents, though. Maybe this is a “generation gap” thing.

  • mags

    If you look at the rest of the questions, then common sense and prior knowledge would tell you that ‘do you live at home’ means are you living with your parents?

  • mags

    stop over-analyzing this, it’s not complicated. the picture is meant to be funny and be humorous about parents that have facebook and want to be friends with their children as well. I have guidelines, I won’t be friends with my parents but I will be friends with other relatives, there is just some info and posts that even parents make that I care not to see!!

  • le_capitaine

    It must be a generation gap thing, because I can’t imagine “living at home” being anything else but living with your parents.

  • scott the barbarian

    I think the crux of the problem here is that someone has yet to realize that most of us actually want to leave “home”(being parents house) and live in our own “home” sans parents.
    Mostly so we can have sex with really noisy girls.
    And possibly even drink and smoke and stuff.