Everyday Carry: Late 1800’s

It may not have been called “everyday carry,” but men have always had a selection of gear they traveled with on a daily basis. Obviously, the items themselves have evolved over time and others have been added as they’ve become popular. In this series, we’ll take a look back at some standard everyday carry of years gone by.

  • Walking Stick – Link
  • Pocketwatch – Link
  • Corn Cobb Pipe – Link
  • Russell Barlow Knife – Link
  • White Phosphorus Matches – Link
  • Skeleton Key – Link
  • Coins – Link
  • Tobacco – Link
  • Colt Revolver – Link

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  • Joe

    i carry a crtk knife, e-cig, usb key, a swiss automatic watch, a dollar in quarters and a sig 229. Not that different……

  • PWe72

    Le’s see now…..Puma Junior (40 years old), loupe, Casio databank, P-38 opener (35 years old), dogtag (56 years old), challenge coin & $2 in change, BDA-380. And to think, kids now can’t even draw a sketch, let alone carry one.

  • JustinHarford

    Why buy a vintage corn cob pipe when you can get get a Missouri Meerschaum pipe for a few bucks in the US? It is the best brand of cobs you can buy and doesn’t break the bank if you are new to pipe smoking.