GIVEAWAY: 2 Diesel Chronograph DZ4212 Watches

Now that Summer is here, it’s time to start appreciating the finer things in life: Quality time at the beach, perfectly mixed cocktails, ice cold beer and the clothing (or lack thereof) are all excellent reasons to leave the house. Trading in jeans, shirts and sneakers in favor of things less constricting is all well and good, but that doesn’t mean your arm should be naked. The Diesel Chronograph DZ4212 is the perfect Summer watch. The multi-dial white face is framed by a blue ion-plated case and mounted on a white silicone band. You get to look good, stay on time and your wrist won’t get burned when it heats up. Why just dive into blue when you can dive into Diesel blue?

GIVEAWAY: Contest Closed!
Congrats to CharlesW and Jordan

We have two Diesel DZ4212 watches to give away to different readers. If you want one of the $160 watches, you just have to follow these steps:

1. Dive into Diesel Time Frames by checking out the collection.
2. Come back here and leave a comment with the one person you’d most like to run into in the sand or surf while wearing your new watch.

We’ll pick two winners 6/10. Good Luck!


  • Owen

    It would definitely have to be Jessica Biel…

  • Vijay K

    I like Rachel Ray and would love to run with her.

  • Najumddin

    I would like to run with Angelina Jolie. She got very good look and sexy lips.

  • Daniel

    Joe Willie Namath with out question!

  • Travis

    If I could turn back time
    If I could find a way
    I’d take back those words that hurt you
    If I could reach the stars
    I’d give them all to you
    Then you’d love me, love me
    Like you used to do

    Nuff Said.

  • Travis

    I think I would like to meet an alternate reality, were I could reflect the light of the sun off my new watch like high powered lazer beams and roast marshmallows and unicorn meat. When I was done dining on my sweet, marshmallow covered mystical meat confection I would use the and sun and the hands of my watch to direct myself so far north that Santa could not hide. After devouring enough Reindear and Hobbit ale at the pole I would gather the rest of the elves to sell off to coat factories for orphans. Then looking at the time and realizing only 20 minutes had passed I would conjure a way to save the world when heading back to reality, but tell no one. Once back I would just use the watch for the good it would ultimately perform… Blinding ladies with light rays making them crash on their beach cruiser so I could start conversation. Thank you coolmaterial!

  • Sabir

    I would like to run into my past self so i can commend him on commenting on this diesel post. Then i would commence in clowning him for still having on his old diesel watch while im looking fresh in my new one.
    That is all.

  • Charles B

    I would love to see Stacey Dash!

  • Jessica Elle

    I’d like to meet the League of Seven Evil Exes and subsequently fight battles that involve orca whales, pepsi cans, oversized umbrellas, and miniature sharks that will be known as “Mediocre Whites”.


  • Hector

    Jessica Alba

  • Marguerite

    I’d definitely want to run into David Hasslehoff’s Goldy Pectorals while sporting this on my wrist. We’ll start cheesy conversations reminiscing about the good ol’ Baywatch and Knight Rider days.

  • Taylor

    I’m more of a pure outdoorsman than a fashionista, so I would love to run into anyone willing to take the watch as collateral for a spin on a jet powered surfboard or other high-tech marine craft. But seriously, I would like the watch.

  • http://coolmaterial Nick M.

    sand + surf = SNOOKI

  • Ty

    I’d take my wonderful new watch and propose to my girlfriend of three years while wearing it, and when we’re on our honeymoon i’d run in slow motion with her while wearing it, because a watch this awesome stops time in its tracks.

  • leonard cannon

    I’d really like to run into the girl in the pink dress who is now doing the T-Mobile commercials, while she is wearing that pink dress!!

  • amonch

    I want this. Give it to me.

  • ianwest

    Johnny Drama

  • Okasha Hameed

    I want to run into Mike Patton.

  • Ed Lavalette

    Gold Bikini Princess Leia….

  • Derek

    The blonde girlfriend I will get because she likes shiny things

  • Joshua

    My friends. I feel no desire to run into a celebrity.

  • CharlesW

    Stephen Hawking, becasue who else would ever be able to respect the idea of time more them him. Also a day of sand and surf with him might turn into a physics lecture which would rock :)

  • Ballita

    I always love to have walk with my kids and husband.

  • Prinal

    I want to run with my husband’s frd.In fact ready to stay with him one night :)

  • Jonathan

    I wanna be your husband’s friend. I’ll hit the beach with my Ex’s and see who I should’ve let time fly with.

  • Kartikey M

    This is really incredible watch. For this watch i can run with anyone on sand unless until he is not my Boss.

  • BrianMC1975

    I would definitely run into Phillippe Cousteau, Jr., (grandson of famed ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau) wearing one of these watches in the surf. I would also run into Sofia Vergara on the beach as shes laying out flirting with David Beckham. FTW!

  • Maya

    My boyfriend who I’d give the watch to. <3

  • John

    My coworkers.

  • Josh

    Colin Firth. I would enjoy talking to him.

  • toadliy

    A still-alive Greta Garbo, aged mid-30s.

  • Ismael J. Rodriguez

    Lately, I just want to run into Avril Lavigne or LynZ from Mindless Self Indulgence. Or both. That’ would be greatness, too.

  • Nitya

    Well i would love to run with my Yoga teacher.. But just forget he is so boring :(.

  • Kristopher Feavel

    I’d love to run into a nice red-head with this watch on!

  • Eric

    Have the winners been announced yet?

  • louis fernandez

    i was gonna say scarjo, but that guy who posted first also picked her, and his first choice was his wife so if she tops scarjo, then i have to go with kim’s wife as my first choice, then like him scarjo 2’nd

  • Joey

    Taylor Swift

  • reithebartender

    my girlfriend , so that she can see that i do something even when i am broke 😀