Cool Material x Huckberry Giveaway [Closed]

Not only are we curating a sale over at Huckberry right now, but we’re giving you a chance to win one of the items in it. Getting in on the action is easy, just follow the simple steps below:


1. Sign up over at Huckberry. As a bonus, for being a new subscriber, Huckberry will give you $5 off if you place an order.

2. Take a look through all the awesome products in our curated sale.

3. Leave a comment on this post with the one item in the sale you’d like to win the most. (Any item from the sale—not just what’s pictured here.)

We’ll pick two winners at random on Tuesday July 23rd. Each of the two winners will get the item they selected. Good luck and don’t forget to pick up some of the gear before the sale ends!


  • losinthe505

    The Braven speaker is on my wish list

  • Devin

    When Im on the beach playing some volleyball, theres nothing better than having my BRV-1 (BLUE), playing my favorite summer tunes!!

  • Ryan Meadows

    Aether Space Jacket (Total Eclipse) for sure!

  • matthewbaehr

    love the
    SIDDHARTHA-7 bike!

  • Bennett Starnes

    Hate to be greedy, but the Braven 625S looks mighty sharp.

  • thebelchdude

    Definitely the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

  • Thomas Reid

    The Downrange Tomahawk will eventually be necessary to save my life, I can feel it!

  • Kevin

    Bio Lite = charged iPhone = accessible GPS app = me not getting lost in the woods = me not getting eaten by a bear = bears having to eat salmon instead = bears pooping in the woods and fertilizing the forest with healthy, Nitrogen rich bear poop = healthy forests. We all want healthy forests.

  • nwillie20

    Downrange Tomahawk is a must!

  • nwillie20

    BRV-1 (BLUE) and bush knife are awesome too – hell there all spectacular!

  • Erica

    The Applegate Compact Folder looks awesome. Gotta love Gerber stuff.

  • Oleg Sarkissov

    Oh the things you can do with the DOWNRANGE TOMAHAWK!

  • Yusuf SAYITA

    I would love to have a Gerber Downrange Tomahawk in my car, in case of anything!

  • kryptokommunist

    Aether space jacket. Although there is no aether in space!

  • Rafael W Castro

    The perfect bluetooth sound from the Brazen 625S would complete the inspiration for many ideas.

  • dhaddon

    Gerber Downrange Tomahawk.

  • Tom V

    I’d love to win the wood 6 pack holder. That would be great to haul my beer out of the local six pack shop with that thing!

  • Themax65

    If I could have the downrange tomahawk that would be really cool. Please?

  • Pat

    Probably be needing that NeoLite here soon!

  • James Ambos

    That Braven BRV-1 looks sa-weeeet….

  • RED Denty

    That Braven BRV-1 (GREY) Speaker would be perfect for camping and tailgaiting.

  • MoneyCashDolla

    Braven’s BRV-1 speaker is cool as hell

  • Jesse

    That Braven 625S speaker would be a real treat to have.

  • Christopher

    Woodsmans suspenders please!

  • d503

    That BRV-1 would be sick

  • jafo

    Gotta go with the ability to pummel some Zombies with the Tomahawk!! Plus props to a local company!!

  • Tsooji

    A stove that burns whatever’s around and recharges my phone at the same time? Count me in for a Bio Lite.



  • Robert Tindoll

    the braven speaker system is awesome and aft reading up on it the original price is steal…not sayin free isnt better
    …also thanks to this article i will b getting a biolite, camping+technology is so cool if only they could make a scrambler to block calls but allow me my music.

  • Eric Hobart Röttner

    Would love the downrange tomahawk. #TomahawkTime

  • jacobo

    Braven BRV-1 Look GREAAT

  • CG

    Lots of neat stuff, but the Biolite would come in handy in the African Bush!

  • anonymous

    Everybody wants a the downrange tomahawk, why would I be the exception?

  • Billy

    Fielders Choice #22

  • Tyler Smith

    That Braven BRV-1 (GREY) Speaker looks awesome and would be a treat to have.

  • Gupps

    The jacket would be pretty nice to have in these chilly fall Pacific Northwest days that are coming up.

  • Dave

    Super cold down here in NZ. the Aether Space Jacket (Total Eclipse) would be a welcome addition to the wardrobe!!!

  • Jeff Andrews

    It’s a BRV-1 (GREY) on the top of my list!

  • Lwit

    I’d love the bush knife!

  • wskinner66

    Gonna go with the BioLite

  • Julian

    Aether’s Space Jacket looks rad!

  • Dan

    The Braven BRV-1 would be awesome

  • John

    The Hide & Seek Wallet – Cocoa is sweet.

  • The Dented1

    The T-Jays 4, because life truely needs a soundtrack.

  • Aussiebushman

    I love the Bush Smarts Bush Knife the perfect item for Bushcraft!

  • j0nnyr0y

    SAINT URBAN bike me

  • Alexander Rae

    Gotta be the Gerber downrange tomahawk

  • nocoment

    the bio light camp stove has to be the number one most useful camp tool for deep bush survival i would give my left hand so i could have one in my right

  • Mark Colless

    As an Australian, I’d like the bush knife… Now, that’s a bloody knife! 😉

  • ultimamma