Cool Material x Huckberry Giveaway [Closed]

Not only are we curating a sale over at Huckberry right now, but we’re giving you a chance to win one of the items in it. Getting in on the action is easy, just follow the simple steps below:


1. Sign up over at Huckberry. As a bonus, for being a new subscriber, Huckberry will give you $5 off if you place an order.

2. Take a look through all the awesome products in our curated sale.

3. Leave a comment on this post with the one item in the sale you’d like to win the most. (Any item from the sale—not just what’s pictured here.)

We’ll pick two winners at random on Tuesday July 23rd. Each of the two winners will get the item they selected. Good luck and don’t forget to pick up some of the gear before the sale ends!


  • Joseph Cristello

    Bush Smart Blanket, it just sounds awesome

  • Lyneer

    I would love to class up my classless bag of wine with the Wine-Barrel!

  • Latham

    Applegate folder please

  • kevin

    id really like to win the huckberry bush knife

  • Penlin


  • mason

    Me likey that Gerber Tomahawk

  • Adam Supey

    I’d go with the Wooden Cooler by Cold Creek Brewing or the Minimalist II Shackle by J. L. Lawson & Co. So much awesome stuff on there !!

  • Hunter West

    glow fob + python clip

  • Anthony Sabatini

    Bush smarts blanket looks bangin

  • Devon


  • Chuck Lane

    Id love a

  • Dennis

    The Aether Ultralight (Total Eclipse)!!!!

  • JTB

    Great website. I didn’t know it existed. Going with the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

  • Tommy

    The awesome Aether Space Jacket for sure!

  • Mike H

    Definitely the Bio Lite stove for camping this summer!

  • Davis

    I would love to take home the BioLite Camp Stove, because a good stove is the last thing on my Bug-out-Bag List!

  • Jdill78

    Saint urban retrospect bike

  • J Lucky

    Siddhartha-7 is a pretty sweet looking bike. Now which shall it be, green or grey…

  • Jesus Ramirez

    downrange tomahawk!!

  • Connorrob21

    It would be awesome to win the downrange tomahawk

  • Mark

    The PACK AXE would be a great addition to my kit. I’ve been lolling to get one for months now. Thanks guys!

  • thechiman272

    Aether space jacket (graphite)

  • William Thwaites

    Downrange Tomohawk Please!!!

  • Christina Taylor

    Biolite for hunting season!!!

  • Jason Wu

    Would really like the aether space jacket

  • Patrick Abbott

    I need an Ugmonk Olive T ‘Never Settle’ Size L… please :)

  • dillyo46

    Pack Axe is a must have!…PLEASE :)

  • Top-Notch Media

    I want the downrange tomohawk!!!

  • Jrubens

    The Biolite stove is simply awesome!

  • ThwaitesW

    The Downrange Tomohawk is simply awesome!

  • Ray Alvarez

    BRV-1 (Blue) meet dorm room. Dorm room meet playlist.

  • Marco

    The tomahawk would make a grat addition to my zombie kit

  • Angel J. Mercado


  • Michael Bishop

    If I win I would take the BRV-1(Blue)!

  • Jesse

    I would love to win the biolite. It would be ever so fun while camping.

  • Jon Thommarson

    I might have said this before….but the Axe is MAX!

  • McGunner

    The Downrange Tomahawk please. If I had it, it would accompany me downrange.

  • Micah

    Downrange Tomahawk is made by a great company and looks to hold up as the name says.

  • SyrMike

    BRV-1 (Grey) looks cool and I bet it sounds great!

  • tyleradamski

    Tame that gizzly man look everynow and then. I need this.

  • pete p 123

    Bi-o-Lite! Bi-o-Lite! Bi-o-Lite!

  • goblue_24

    Gotta go with the BRV-1 (GREY)’d be perfect for our summer tubing trips!

  • Cam

    I need a retrospec saint urban bike !!!!!

  • Josh S

    I’d like the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk.

  • njbasecamp

    BIOLITE please!

  • Michael S.

    The GR1 Ruscksack (Large) is just what I need as a student and urban adventurer.

  • goodstuff

    Bio Lite would be kick ass.

  • David Mize

    I’m going for the Saint Urban Retrospec bike!

  • Brian Moritz

    I would love the “T-Jays Four” headphones. Those things look amazing!

  • Brian Moritz

    I need a downrange tomahawk for camping/zombiepocalypse!