The Game of Thrones Sex Infographic

To say there’s some sex in Game of Thrones would be a ridiculous understatement. It’s like saying there’s some nudity in Hustler. The show that’s always poised to kill off a character, is also always up for an impromptu orgy or two. We charted out all the hook-ups from the first three seasons so you could easily see who’s getting the most action. Warning: Sex spoilers.


  • James

    Hmm, looks like Baratheon is spelled wrong.

  • Meursault

    Cersei. not Cersai.

  • sammy

    Olyvar is not a Frey, although there is one in the books the one Loras beds is not a Frey rather a prostitute in littlefingers service.

  • George Roberts

    Pretty sure renley never had sex with margery, kind of the point of that whole he being gay thing.

  • Robb Cruse

    Also, wasn’t it implied Shae screwed Tywin? She was in his bed when Tyrion killed him as he was on the crapper, or am I thinking wrong?

  • Graham

    im looking for a dotted line from viserys to daenerys and from cersei to robert baratheon AND the kettleblack

  • Loz

    No link between Pycell and Daisy; Melisandre never had sex with Gendry.

  • Jason

    Yes she did….albeit it was very short. She then proceeded to put leeches on his body.

  • Hensaf

    Left out Osmunda Kettleblack, and Moon Boy for all I know

  • Tone

    Yeah jack-ass, you’re thinking like a spoiler – that hasn’t HAPPENED yet!

  • _taro_

    Didn’t Theon sleep with his sister also?

  • grggrrs176

    Since when did Melisandre and Gendry have sex? I thought it was just a ruse. I don’t remember penetration, at least not in the TV version.

  • Lork

    Perverts stuff.

  • Sandz

    Shouldn’t Gendry be in the Baratheon colours as he is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon?

  • Nick

    In the books at least, a drunken Viserys tries to deflower Daenerys before her wedding to Khal Drogo, but guards prevent it.

  • John Redcorn

    Get off the internet, Grandma.

  • Gurm

    Roslin Frey has no ties to the Greyjoys.

  • Max Clifton

    mmm what about Selyse Baratheon – Stannis’ wife?

  • Vierotchka

    Try watching it again :)

  • podrickisboss

    You forgot the oral sign for renly and loras

  • Max Fry

    ros was a prostitute up in winterfell before heading to King’s landing. Theon banged her out up there.

  • Dragon’s Happen

    Olyvar seduced Loras who devulged Renley’s war plans during pillow talk. Consequently, Renly is slain by Stannis. There are debts to be paid!

  • johnstretton

    That was Edric, not Gendry – unless the series has conflated the two. In the books, Edric was the recognized bastard. Very few know about Gendry, and Melisandre is not one of them.

  • afa

    what the fuck

  • Andrey Semykin

    My wife says that not all indicated. She would have made better!!!)

  • The Franklin

    No…He tried…He felt her up when he first got back to the Iron Islands. But also he didn’t know it was his sister.

  • The Franklin

    According to Margery he did not… She wanted him to, but according to her he only showed interest once and then he was drunk.

  • The Franklin

    I don’t recall Maester Pycell hitting Ros…

  • Zabaniya

    after the death of robert she was in a scene in pycell’s room when he was telling her about kings and whatnot

  • The Franklin

    Well in reference to Ros He has good taste. And he is dirty old man. I am proud of him. LOL

  • Nympheriana

    There’s an explanation beneath the picture where it says that the chart is based on the first three seasons – if you’d seen the show you would’ve known that yes, those to are now comprised to only Gendry. I think they explained it in the series as Melisandre seeing Gendry in the flames as Robert’s son.

  • PhoenicianRomans

    Was that the scene where he dismissed her, jumped out of bed and did some deep knee bends, strode manfully to the door – and then stopped, bent over and started shuffling like the old fool everything THINKS he is before leaving the room?

  • Zabaniya

    yeap lol. exactly

  • Ravell

    Really? Thought it had a lot more.