Decoded: Levi’s Two Horse Patch

Have you ever looked at the back of your Levi’s? Outside of checking the size when you were purchasing them, you probably haven’t studied the backside of your jeans. The iconic denim company has a fairly famous patch on there that shares a few clues about the company’s history. Here’s what everything on the Two Horse Patch means.


  • Peter Williams

    “Here’s what everything on the Two Horse Patch means”

    Nothing, aparrently. No further info, no link. Fucking click bait.

  • Tsv1138

    you hover over the little + signs that the lines point to, and it gives you details about the… details.

  • Lorenzo de Medici

    There are seven callouts on the image that, when hovered, pop up a box with information. If you have a script blocker on, or something stopped the page from loading properly, you probably can’t see them. You might simply have not noticed them, as I didn’t at first.

    It’s bad web design, to be sure, but it at least has some actual content.

  • Danny Meeker

    Peter Williams, don’t feel bad. I thought the same thing, until I hovered the cursor over the lines. Derp.

  • Austin

    Terrible UX

  • dparks

    any way to see the whole thing without the dumb pop-up feature?.. dammit!..