Link Round-Up – Get your Weekend On


Blended Summer Drinks that pack a Punch, not an Umbrella – The Bachelor Guy

Sunbathing May Keep You Sharp – Asylum

Buy Ferris Bueller’s House – Just A Guy Thing

Make Your Yard Look Like Wrigley Field – The Art of Manliness

20 Biggest Car Fails of All Time – Manolith

Porn Star Blows her Chance at BJ Record – The Frisky

How to Survive in Prison -  Holy Taco

Tips for Successful Grilling – CHOW

Women Reveal the Worst Pick-Up Lines used by Men – RadarOnline

Amazon introduces the Kindle 3 – College Humor

Gillette Shows us How to Shave our Balls – YouTube

Hangovers: 5 Things You Didn’t Know – AskMen


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