Friday Link Round-Up


The Air Sex World Championships  – Air Sex

Men Prefer Food to Sex – Asylum

15 Tattoos That Will Prevent You From Getting Laid – Whip It Out Comedy

The 5 S’s That Get You The Girl – The Bachelor Guy

14 Cool Concept Bikes – Incredible Things

The 10 Films Guaranteed to End Your Relationship – Primer

7 Basic Knots Every Man Should Know – The Art of Manliness

10 Funny Pictures of Other People as Bruce Lee – Uncoached

Yep, iPorn is Here for the iPhone – TechCrunch

Gear Patrol Teaches us How To Handle a Fight and Play Better Poker

How To Properly Enjoy a Beer – Just A Guy Thing

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  • Dennis

    Evening Guys,

    thx for the great links :D

    Cause of your site, I really have to earn a hell of a lot money to be able to buy all these shiny gadgets I “NEED” :DD

    Greetings from Bavaria