Essential Gear to Survive a Zombie Attack


You can never be too prepared for any situation, especially a zombie attack. Assuming you can’t get your hands on an AK-47 or an antidote, you’re going to need some supplies. We’ve come up with a list of the MUST HAVE Zombie Attack survival gear.


Titanium Cricket Bat

Blunt objects are the next best thing to firearms when it comes to fighting off a horde of zombies. Of course the cricket bat, made popular by Shaun of the Dead, makes a perfect zombie killer with a long flat surface, but unlike the wooden one used in the movie, we suspect a titanium cricket bat might leave a bigger impression… in their skulls. $309


Ray Ban Bold Sunglasses

First and foremost, you can’t expect to look bad ass while smashing in zombie heads without a cool pair of shades. Ray Ban Bold Sunglasses being the obvious choice for zombie invasion, since they look great and are made from durable polycarbonate. $120

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold

Zombies are notoriously hungry for brains, but luckily they’re not notoriously clever. Use that to your advantage and deceive the evil dead with Jello Brains! You can leave a trail of fake brains for them to follow to keep them from pursuing yours. Or if these are a particularly stupid brand of zombie, you can blend in by pretending to eat brains in front of your so-called perished peers. $7


Ballistic Groin Protector

Anything can happen during a zombie invasion so never rule out possibilities like kinky zombies or stray bullets. You’re fighting for the survival of the humanity, so protect your junk! When the dust settles and 90% of humanity is dead, it may be up to you and a handful of survivors to repopulate the human race. So if you think you spend a lot of time protecting the goods now, imagine how you’ll feel when the fate of the world may rest in your lap! $14

Lightweight Soft Case First Aid Kit

While a first aid kid can’t help you if you’ve been infected, it’s still a good idea to keep one around in case you accidentally shoot yourself, break something or get bitten by something non-zombie (like a snake or a creepy goth chick). In that case you should use something lightweight and portable like this Soft Case First 205 Piece Aid Kit, weighing in at only 1.3 lbs, but packed full of all kinds of bandages, pain relief, splints, wound closures and more. $17


Zombie Me by No More Kings

When the unthinkable happens and a zombie bites you, leaving you with the eloquence of livestock and the fever for the flavor of a human brain… you’re going to need some tunes. Zombie Me by No More Kings describes the ups and downs of joining the ranks of the undead and may help you cope with your new situation. $0.99


Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Well you might not NEED a chainsaw to survive a zombie attack, but you will if you plan to have any fun! We suggest a cordless electric chain saw since you’re going to have to minimize on weight and extra objects like gasoline and maximize on mobility. The Black & Decker CCS818 18-Volt Cordless Electric Chain Saw will cut through up to 10 or 15 zombies on a single charge! At only 6.2 lbs, you can hang on to it and only use it when things get really hairy. $110


ATAC Storm Boots

Well protected feet will help you run farther; making a decent pair of combat boots your best friend in a zombie survival situation. And we couldn’t think of a better paid than the ATAC Storm boots since they are not only waterproof but blood borne pathogen resistant—they were practically designed with a zombie attack in mind! $130


Life Gear Survival Backpack (Bug Out Bag)

The Life Gear Survival Backpack offers 3 days of supplies, which we imagine is plenty of time either since the rescue helicopter will arrive before then or everyone will be eaten alive by zombies. The backpack includes a first aid kit, drinking system food and water storage, a respirator mask in case the infection is airborne and other items. To save space, we think you can toss the hygiene kit since no one will notice what you smell like amidst all the rotting flesh. $68


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Forget the Zombie Survival Guide. The best way to understand zombies is to understand how zombies feel though a classic love story adapted to include zombies. In Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself faced with the task of destroying zombies attacking her once quiet English village while dealing with matters of love. Find strength in Elizabeth’s plight in the reimaging of Jane Austen’s classic novel. $8


Large Crowbar

Sure, there are probably better crowbars on the market, but something about the non descript “Large Crowbar” reminds us of the simple elegance of an inventory from a Silent Hill game, making this seem like the perfect tool for the job. But since in real life you don’t just find large crowbars lying around on the street, you may have to purchase this one. $12


Razor Full Face Helmet

Whether or not you’re able to snag a motorcycle to get away during a zombie attack, a full face helmet isn’t a bad idea. The Razor Full Face Helmet not only protects your juicy juicy brains, but we imagine that big pointy front would make it harder for zombies to get close to your face. Sure you might feel kind of silly wearing a helmet when not riding a bike, but you’ll be grateful when the zombies start mutating and spitting face huggers at you. $31


Survival Hatchet

Screw a kitchen knife! Those things break at the handles. What you really need is a 4″ Survival Hatchet for those close calls. A compact weapon that’s small enough that you can strap it to your hip—even your girlfriend could carry one in her purse! Being conscious of not overloading, this hatchet only weighs a little over a pound. $43


Neck Protector

We’re just gonna throw this one out there… if a zombie isn’t going right for the main course (ie your brain) then he’s looking for exposed flesh to bite right? Minimize on the amount of skin you’re flashing and protect your neck and reduce the risk of getting turned. For under $10 (or after the looting begins, free) you’ll thank us for the suggestion when we all meet up at the safe house. $6


Walkie Talkie Headsets

Survival horror movies have taught us 2 important things: 1. Don’t split up, and 2.Cell phones don’t ever work in emergency situations. If for some reason you have to break rule number 1, you should at least have some means of communicating with your fellow survivors. However, we suggest something hands free with a headset so the zombies can’t hear your partner on the other end asking why you got so quiet. $25


Personal Locator Beacon/GPS

Don’t you ever wonder how exactly the rescue team knows where to find survivors? Don’t count on luck; get the ARC Microfix 406 Personal Beacon. When trigged, the Beacon sends a distress call with personal info, location and medical information via satellite to anyone looking for survivors. We suppose this may come in handy in non-zombie related threats too. $600

18 Key Professional Bump Key Set

Everyone knows that the best weapons, health packs and secret notes are behind locked doors. Everyone also knows that there’s no way to kick down or cut through, even the flimsiest of locked doors. That’s why you need this set up Professional Bump Keys to help you navigate your way through a zombie infested city on lock down. $50


Zombie Identification Chart Fridge Magnet

It’s vital that you make sure your targets are not zombies before you eliminate them. Well, maybe not exactly VITAL, because better safe than infected, right? Either way, this fridge magnet illustrates the difference between zombies and other people who may approach you with outstretch arm spouting incoherent nonsense at you. $6


  • David Lewis

    Good job on the helmet and neck protector, it’s been on my zombie attack gear list for a while. I would also recommend a good jacket and a solid pair of pants.

  • Television Spy

    How about a spare brain that you can throw at them to temporarily distract them.

  • mark rushworth

    all fail. what you need is a shark suit. its basically a high tech chainmail suit thats light weight and shark bite proof, should have no probs with zombies plus it keeps you highly mobile!

  • Jason Jones

    Those pesky zombies are something else arent they!


  • Geeked Up Eric

    You’re assuming you can get all the stuff you listed above, but not an AK-47. That’s not very likely because LOTS of AKs were made. $309 on a cricket bat? How bout $150 on a Russian Tokarev and $150 on ammo. I bet you’ll live longer.

  • Zeke Ombie

    I would definitely include a decent pair of gloves. Once you’ve offed some of those braineaters with, say, your crowbar (which can also be used as a stabbing weapon), your weapon and hands will be dripping with fresh and not-so-fresh zombie juice. Better have some gloves on to ensure that tight grip on the crowbar. You wouldn’t want to attach a safety cord to it and look like an idiot, do you?

    A variety of gardening tools might also come in handy, especially everything attached to long poles. Why risk close combat when you can jab away at them from 2 yards distance?

    And finally, something slippery might help. Zombies are mindless and will wander on an oil stain without thinking twice. Those who stumble and fall are likely to destroy at least a part of their decaying body upon impact with the floor, and those who stay in action can then easily be offed with a reach weapon (or a burning match). Just make sure you don’t have to cross the slippery floor yourself anymore. Perfect against assaults from the rear.

  • Lundok

    I thought is was illegal for civillians and non-locksmiths to have a Bump Key set. If not, I know what I want for Father’s Day!

  • Brains

    @mark rushworth

    “all fail. what you need is a shark suit. chainmail, bla bla”

    Close, my friend, but no cigar. What you need is a suit made out of live sharks.

  • Rev Piper

    No shotgun? You can’t have a zombie infestation without a shotgun,…DUH!

  • ac

    but but… what about the semi-auto shotgun?

  • Bek

    “Zeke Ombie” above mentioned something slippery.

    I’m thinking that a case of Slip n’ Slides would be freaking awesome for this purpose.

  • davelog

    Gotta have a machete. Better range than the hatchet, and never needs reloading.

  • R

    “You’re assuming you can get all the stuff you listed above, but not an AK-47. That’s not very likely because LOTS of AKs were made. $309 on a cricket bat? How bout $150 on a Russian Tokarev and $150 on ammo. I bet you’ll live longer.”

    – blades, bats, and other such weapons don’t need reloading. once you run out of ammo, which you will, unless you can score a perfect headshot everytime, in which case you’ll still eventually run out of ammo, your AK or what have you will only be useful if it has a bayonnet.

  • anon


  • mr.x

    No backpack to carry all this shit?

  • kahoots

    its pump action shotty for zombies …*facepalm

  • Derek

    They are forgettting World War Z, the book by Max Brooks.

    And my zombie killing music article!

  • Rick James

    What about the guns? You can’t have “essential gear” without some guns.

    Additional items that should be included:

    1. Protective arm and leg armor. How many people have been bitten on the limbs? The majority are killed this way.

    2. Cyanide. If you get bit, better to take your own life than turn zombie.

    3. Food, water, and shelter. How do you expect to survive without these 3?

    4. Radio. How else to listen to the Ozzy’s Zombie Stoomp or Rob Zombie?

    5. Katana. If it has been good enough for the Japanese for over a 1000 years, it’s good enough to survive a zombie attack. Plus, it can slice and dice when you need that darned knife to cut your food.

    6. Can Opener. How many cartoons and movies have you seen where they needed that darned can opener.

    7. The semi-bad coward. Throw him/her to the zombies and make your escape.

    8. The token misfit. They ALWAYS get it after the first or second victim. Sacrifice them to the zombie ghouls.

    9. Extra AMMO!!! Every dad gone zombie movie, they ALWAYS run out of ammo. WTF?????

    10. Make friends with that right wing, survivalist, whacko. Can someone get me the phone number or directions to Ted Nugent’s house?

  • matt

    This is blasphemy not having the Zombie suvival guide…

  • S

    You totally forgot:

    BB Human Universal Load Carrier, ApNano Armor, Metal Storm Hand Gun, WASP Injector Knife, and LifeStraw Water Purifier.

  • http://Mail Duder

    You must have a pan for frying things – eggs, brains and the such

  • Raes

    Titanium Cricket bat would be light than a wood one. So that’s not ideal. You would need to swing harder and exert more energy. Metal baseball bats are bad for beating people for the same reason.

  • KooLLaiD

    Werd to the Shark Suit. I bet it’s not all that heavy and would offer maximum protection. +1 for Machete over small AX. +1 for AK 47 instead of Cricket Bat. If you run out of Ammo, you can bash brains with the butt of the gun just as easily.

  • http://JohnSmith John

    The titanium cricket bat is a no go. The whole reason you use a wooden baseball bat to beat a zombie is to avoid the vibrations and kickback felt from a metal baseball bat. Metal transfers the vibrations created when striking something directly into your hands. Wood absorbs it, thus saving you from a lot of pain in your extremities. So I’d stick with the wooden cricket bat if nothing else.

  • Stephen Stockman

    This list really isn’t very good.
    Rayban glasses? Get some ballistic goggles for about $20.

    Ballistic groin protector. okay.. But your price is off by several hundred dollars.

    That first aid kit is a joke. The standard kit that comes in a lot of cars is better.

    Electric chainsaw? You know how fast you would lose power if there was no one managing the power grid?

    The bug out bag.. Much better to make your own. Get a water purifier and surplus gas mask for under $30.

    The crowbar.. Check out the stanley FUBAR. Much better.

    A NEOPRENE? Neck protector? Do you know what neoprene is?

    Bump keys are not perfect.. Many locks now wont work with bump keys. You can learn to lock pick or buy a $50 electric lockpick for very quick easy access into doors. Or the Stanley Fubar tool will get you into most residential doors quick.

  • Blake

    Remington .30 06 was forgotten.

  • Ryan

    any sort of lockpick is quite useless weight really, if you have all this weaponry a door is not going to be much of a challenge, also you dont want to have to stop and search throught the whole f*cking bag to find a lockpick when you could have just used the crowbar in your hand and saved time on getting away

  • Philly1uper

    There is a few things on this list that would not only be a waste of money, but would get you killed. Sun Glasses impair you’re vision by making things darker, a Helmet would restrict you’re eye sight and head movement. Ballistic Groin protector is uneccesary, If a slow zombie manages to get near you’re nuts, then you deserve to die, if someone shoots you’re nuts, then you shoot them in the face. Jello Brains are useless and take up space. a zombie knows the difference between fresh bloody flesh and Bill Cosby’s dessert of choice. A Machete has better range and power then a hatchet. The goal is to not be close to the zombies, if forced to be close, I would go with a Machete then a hatchet. Walkie Talkies are also useless, Why split up you’re group making you smaller and more open for attacks?

    Not to mention, The Zombie Survival Guide is 50x better then the book they listed.

    The only useful things on here is the GPS, The Metal Cricket Bat and probably the Key Set, But I highly doubt that shit is legit.

  • bodean

    WoW! Where to begin, the list is funny, but not practical. If were judging the zombies from most of the movies than high powerful calibers are not needed. 30.06 and most AK 47 type rifles are overkill. Having the right weapons and enough ammo would be a god sent, but lets be real, you will eventually run out of ammo. However while you have them, a good choose would be an AR-15, both the rifle and ammo are light weight, fast to reload, little to no recoil and have 20 to 30 rounds in each mag. A second weapon should be a handgun. A 9mm would work fine. However I’m fond of the 1911 style (45ACP). Shotguns are not a bad choose, but they are limited to 5 to 7 shells and take while to reload. I would only obtain a striking or cutting weapon after running out of ammo. Doesn’t really matter, longer the better. Keeps them further away from you.

    Protective gear is really not needed. If the zombies are close enough to touch you than your screwed. However if it makes you feel better to wear something then try something Kevlar lined or leather. It’s lightweight and comes a verity of way to meet what you are looking for. Something to consider, a zombie bite would not be stronger then a human, bite, if anything it would be weaker. So with that in mind if you can’t bite trough it they shouldn’t be able to.

  • Dave

    Ammo- no matter what gun you use you WILL run out. There are an estimated 6,770,000,000 potential zombies on this planet alone. You cannot carry enough ammo. Period.
    That’s why it’s handy to have a blade. Decapitation and/or serious trauma to the zombie brain is the easiest way to kill them. Blades: swords, machete’s, axes, etc are your best bet to deliver the penetration necessary for efficient zombie ownage. I’m fairly certain that if Shaun had owned a broadsword, he’d have grabbed it rather than the cricket bat.

    Armor – this is a good idea. something light though. A sharkbite suit or leather is your best bet. Nothing too loose and flowing (I know trenchcoats are badass, but it’s too easy to be dragged down by the hem.) Gloves and a helmet are a great idea. Best bet would be something like a bicycle helmet. They look silly but don’t impair your field of vision, and offer good cranial protection.

    Guns – shotguns are a classic, and good for short range shots. They’re also good for clearing at close range, when the zombies are packed nice and tight. Frag grenades also work well here. 9mm is a great choice for a handgun.

    Then all you really need is a pack with water/purifier, jerky/trail mix and a med kit. The lockpicks are actually a pretty good idea, as it usually takes only a minute or two to pick a lock, but a locked door can hold back a horde of zombies for an average of 4 minutes. A broken lock can’t lock the undead horde out.

  • Michael Jasso

    Some Very _Cool Materials_ used their, Where’s the SHOTTY >| !?

  • matttttttt

    Guns – shotguns are a classic, and good for short range shots. They’re also good for clearing at close range, when the zombies are packed nice and tight. Frag grenades also work well here. 9mm is a great choice for a handgun.

    Hey Dave….uhm….frag grenades are a very bad idea…consider this: You are in a crowd of zombies, and you blow up thisf rag grenade. woo hoo…you blew the shizz outta them, but most can still crawl…plus, frags use schrapnel…you could hurt yourself…and the blood coming from the zombies could infect you. FRAGS ARE NO GOOD


    I prefer katana for CQC a shotgun to ward off zombies and a backpack containing water purifier, some meds, jerky, extra ammo and the GPS personal beacon.

    i think the shark suit looks cool!

  • Monk
  • Infected.

    When Will They Break Out?

  • Wolftalon

    I can’t believe tomahawks were left out! I prefer the tomahawk fusion by SOG it has a synthetic handle you can drive your car over, little chance of the handle cracking or the head coming off when you most need it. It’s good for cutting a way into buildings and hacking wood for fire plus good for hacking up zombies if necessary I mean come on! Anyone seen Mel Gibson in the Patriot? tomahawks are in so much so that several army infantry units use them now overseas also another must have blade to give your tomahawk a mate is the kukri machete a gurka style blade by cold steel. As for firearms to carry and yes I would carry them. Because yes even though there is a probablity of running out of bullets, I can always save one for me or….. all the other people here who have such cool weapons which don’t need bullets. Well I would be so much more rested without having been swinging that katana/cricket bat/machete/or any other cool weapon which I’m sure to see and think “Hmm why did’nt I think of that!” So in that spirit beforehand I want to say thank you for your gadget now because I might be in a hurry at that moment what with all the zombies and all and would not want to appear rude. As for what firearms? I would go with .45 cal as it is a good zombie stopper not in a 1911 however as most are rather heavy and only hold eight rounds I would go with the H&K USP or Glock 21 why because both are light, reliable, and carry 12 or more rounds and that could mean the difference in you being a zombie or not. Second on my list is a back up pistol a glock in 9mm and no other! Why because any 9mm glock can hold their 33rd mags and 45 and 9mm will be the easiest ammo to find plus glocks are light and reliable. As for the shotgun? No can do unless you have one other person with you to carry it. Why because you want to carry an AK 74 or piston operated ar style rifle that way the guy with the shotgun is first into the spooky building when foraging ” Well your shotgun is better suited for close quarters I’ll stay outside and provide overwatch.” And you may ask why would I want those rifles though Wolf? Well an AK 74 shoots a round similiar to the .223 cal round an AR shoots so you can carry more of them carry more of either one of them. Piston operated AR rifles because the regular gas blowback design AR or M16 will jam when your at the peak of killing the rushing zombie horde which is not ….cool. Either of those rifles are good preferrably the AR called the MR556 by HK which is the civilian version of what Delta Force uses because then you get reliablity and you can put cool gadgets on it like scopes,lasers and flashlights. As for the outfit I would go with mulicam clothing hey if the zombies don’t see you first they’re easier to avoid/take them out, To go with that a gortex jacket,nomex gloves or oakley gloves are good, eyeprotection all which goes in your backpack which I would say for light weight reliable packs go with blackhawk for heavier go with aliceruck modified by tactical tailor in multicam it should contain water purifier, first aid kit which should have painkillers, plenty of dressings, anti infectant like alochol pads, wraps, heating and coolings pads. Fire starting kit with some tender, sleeping bag and sleeping pad,food like nuts,jerky,dried fruit camelpak and canteen extra ammo and extra socks and t shirts footwear should be converses or oakley boots as they are lightweight and feel and respond like a running shoe but have the durable features of a good combat boot. And just like with grizzly bears you don’t have to be faster then the zombie just faster then your buddy running with you. And you know when you’ll be seeing me take care till then 😉

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  • Winston

    hmmm, I think the list was needed, not only for zombies, but for the up-coming December 2012 disaster.
    But weapons are not the only requirements, learn to play hockey and/or tennis. This will allow you to swing a kiser or machete much more easily.

  • mark rush

    mine would be

    1. shark suit
    2. paintball mask
    3. hand axe
    4. bolt cutters
    5. metal toed work boots
    6. leatherman
    7. hand powered torch

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  • tu nguyen

    haha who you going to call ghost-busters? =P you think mama jokes will work?

  • maxwell

    schott perfecto 618 steerhide jacket, redwing 2218 logger boots, two doouble stacked double action colt .45 1911. and a any 12 gauge shotgun. your gunna die any way make a mess and look badass doing it.

  • DB

    **Shark suit= bad idea… it’s loud, it’s lose.. you better off in Heavy canvas gear and leather i.e. carhart clothes… remember with zombies, faster is better, a 40 pound chainmail suit will unnecessarily fatigue you out and ultimatly be your downfall.
    **All you AK/ Shotgun lovers out there…yes they are fun, but where are you keeping the ammo??… that will eat your weight limit up quick, this aint a video game where you can move a vertual house… put it in the car??… eventually you will run out of gas, then what??.. I’d like you all to open your minds and consider this… they used to use .22LR to kill horses!.. and Zombies are slow moving targets, do you really need to take the head shot at 600 yards???… instead looks to ROGERS RANGERS for your inspiration with words to live by like… “don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes”, and “keep you axe sharp and your powder dry”…M4 in any veriant is good enough, if you have the money I’d even suggest the P90 ( the weapon used in the TV series “STARGATE”.. it’s magazine holds 50 rounds!!!, but because .223 is much more popular, one could argue ammo will be easier to find…
    **Machete is better then hachet for all the reasons posted…but I would like you all to consider a Tomahawk, it is better then Machete as it has the same “reach” more weight at the business end to better penitrate the brain cavity (not to mention some have a pick like blade opposite the blade) as well as the multi tool function in survival mode.
    ** chainsaw= bad idea… as previously stated in someones post above… if zombie “saliva” from a bit is bad news, doesn’t it stand to reason that a mouth full of zombie blood is just as bad???
    ** .45 ACP lovers… definately would agree a handgun is better then no gun, but per my above arguement… the weight of carring all the ammo… a .380 or 9mm will get you more ammo for the weight…. yes not as sexy and the .45.. but again…horses were killed with .22lr!!
    … I believe I’ve written too much, so digest my thoughts, hope to see you good folks on the other side of the immenent infection :-)

  • John

    there is one important thing you forgot in this list

    the remington 870 double action, pump-action shotgun

    .……..………….very important……………………..

  • Penny

    All you gun lovers out there, think about this: if the Zombies have residual senses left (and we have to assume they will), don’t you think they’d be able to hear you as well as they can see you? As was pointed out in the marvelous graphic novel “The Walking Dead” created by Robert Kirkman, Zombies would hear the sounds the gunshots make and go after them. Even if their rotted minds forget why they’re going in that direction, they keep going. Especially if they run into a couple more going in the same direction. Cause they’ll all continue in the same direction because they see the others going in that direction. That’s how you get a Zombie Horde.
    In my opinion, machetes, tomahawks, katanas and yes, even hammers are much better than guns.
    As for armor, what about riot gear? I’ve never worn any, but I know that US Military body armor is waayyy to heavy to be worth wearing.

  • Brian

    first of all, i want to say that not only do the strong survive, the smart and well prepaired survive as well. not one person has mentioned having a plan of action ahead of time. personally, i have selected several landmarks of interest located near me and i would be focused on utilizing them for survival. don’t try to kill every zombie out there, as you can’t, and will overlook crucial information and events around you and probably succumb to the zom’s. don’t try to travel the country searching for a place with no zom’s, as you know it is spreading like a wildfire. stay put and think hard. with that said, let’s get down to it….

    plan of action- figure out where you’re gonna go to survive the hord. personally, i don’t live in the city, so i would have to get supplies from my local hardware and grocery stores. then i would ,in my case, gather any survivor’s, head to the nearest grain silo and lock it down. elevated positions, minimal points of entry and heavy duty construction will benefit you.

    pootective clothing- i like the carhartt suggestion the best. being from the country, i know how durable the carhartt clothes are. i would go with the briar-proof one piece if available. combat boots or work boots are a must, but they also have to be in good condition. welding gloves or leather work glovers, again, in good condition. neck, face and head protection is optional, and i say that because visibility and hearing is a must.

    survival kit- have a large kit ready in advance. it will come in handy in many situations other than zombie apocalypse, so it’s a must. it should contain- first-aid (bandages, medicine, needle/thread), food ( trail mix, jerkey, mre’s), comunication and location devices (gps, walkie-talkie’s, flare’s), lighting and heat (flashlight’s, oxygen activated hand warmers, magnesium fire starter’s), tools and supplies (bolt cutters, multi-tools, electronic lock pick, duct tape). make one large kit, get it to your post and use it wisely.

    weapons- personally, i favor things that are effective without loading and reloading them. however, i would have a 1911 loaded with hollow points for last resort suicide’s i’m not gonna be a zom willingly0. use anything in your surroundings (pipes, crowbars, bats). i would prefer using a machete (or two), a katana sword (a real one, not a $10 mail-order “can’t-ana”), an axe handle, fire (if available) is the best option.

    well’ i’m done, ’cause i can’t type very well. plus, it’s 4:20 a.m. :) i hope you enjoy my addition to this rediculous conversation. -BRING ON THE ZOM’S!-

  • Neal A. Gray

    I just need to be riding on my Unicorn…