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14 Brilliant Beer Bottle Openers

14 Brilliant Beer Bottle Openers


Every guy has a beer bottle opener of some kind, whether it’s a guitar shaped one on his key ring, or a novelty talking Homer Simpson beer bottle opener in his kitchen drawer. But not everyone has one built in to their shoes or wallet. Need a Men’s gift for the beer lover in your life? We’ve searched for the most brilliant beer bottle openers available, many of which double as tools or accessories.

Reef Fanning Sandal Bottle Opener

To be truly relaxed you need a couple of things: one being a comfortable pair of sandals and the other of course being a few brews. The Reef Fanning Sandal with a built-in Bottle Opener just made it easier. The comfortable soft EVA sole with added arch support feels great and wears nicely over time, but the real reason these are your favorite sandals can be found at the bottom. Flip ’em over to reveal the hidden bottle opener and sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite beer while you lounge at the beach or your backyard. $46

USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener

Spending a whole night programming that goddamn login page can lead to a lot of frustration and swearing. Yeah, at least you have a previous version saved on your USB flash drive, but that’s not it’s most valuable use. Feel free to take the edge off with the USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener and throw back a few to improve your disposition. We doubt it will earn you any points with the ladies, but it’s sure to enhance your geek cred. $10

Guinness Bottle Opener Cap

Look, you can’t waste time when there’s good beer to be drank. Or is it drunk? Whatever. The point is you need to have constant access to bottle openers at all times and of course help other get drunk faster. Let everyone know that you’re totally on this beer drinking initiative with the Guinness Bottle Opener Cap. With a beer bottle opener right on the rim of your hat you’re sure to have everyone’s attention at the party in no time. $30

Hammer Bottle Opener

Because nothing goes together quite like drinking and smashing stuff you can combine those great acts with the help of one incredibly useful tool The Hammer Bottle Opener makes a great ice crusher if you want to stick to drinking related uses but it’s also a functional hammer if you’re into drunken carpentry. It’s made of stainless steel and looks almost like a regular hammer exept rather than a claw, it has a bottle opener. $9

Beer Belt Bottle Opener

You know that guy who’s got that trick where he can open his beer with his belt buckle? Yeah, screw that guy. We’ve got a trick up our sleeve as well—the Beer Belt Bottle Opener. It looks like a simple enough accessory to the naked eye, but it’s an essential tool that should be in every man’s arsenal (and ensemble). The only mystery of the Beer Belt Opener is that for some reason the more you use it the less it seems to fit. $20

Fossil Billfold Bomber Wallet with Bottle Opener

If you thought the key ring bottle opener was convenient and clever, check out the wallet bottle opener. The bottle opener is attached in such a way that it won’t create any extra bulk in your pockets. The Fossil Billfold Bomber Wallet is actually a really nice wallet (considering the gimmick) made of full grain leather and featuring 8 card slots and 2 slip pockets. $28

Shotgun Beer Can Bottle Opener

This may appear to be an ordinary keychain bottle opener, but it’s much much more than that. The Shotgun beer Can Bottle Opener lets you open a bottle or shotgun a can easily. Don’t stab your beer with that rusty ass knife or dirty old car keys—use a tool that gets the job done clean and easy. $6

Crowbar Bottle Opener

While we’ve never come across a beer we couldn’t open, the Crowbar Bottle Opener will guarantee that it opens every time. Keep your enemies at bay and your friends off your beer with this 8″ stainless steel tool. You’ll never feel more bad-ass prying opening a beer than you will with this multipurpose tool. $25

Wrench Handyman Bottle Opener

It’s important to keep up the facade that you’re working hard rather than hardly working. The best way to do this of course is to leave tools around implying that you use them regularly. In the case of the Handyman Bottle Opener it’s true—you DO get a lot of use out of it. Made form iron, this useful tool looks like an ordinary wrench, but doesn’t help you get anything done (other than some heavy drinking). $28

iDrink Beer Bottle Opener

Designed to resemble the small sleek style of an iPod, iDrink also fits right in your pocket and may lead to unexpected dancing on the subway. Luckily iDrink doesn’t use any DRM or have compatibility issues with drinks other than iBeer so you can enjoy beer in any format you prefer. Source

Phone Bottle Opener

We totally almost forget what phones used to look like before everything went all cordless and digital. Apparently someone remembered and turned an old phone into a cool retro bottle opener that hangs on the wall. The Phone Bottle Opener comes in classic pearl or brown and since it’s recycled is as good for the planet as it is bad for your liver. $64

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

Asking a dude how many beers he had last night is almost as bad as asking him when his wedding anniversary is. He might have a general idea, but the exact number is a bit fuzzy. But if he can save his ass by saving the date in his cell, then why not use technology to keep track of his beer consumption as well. The Beer Tracker counts every beer you have as you open then so you’ll know how many beers ago you probably should have stopped drinking. $10

Hold Up Bottle Opener

It becomes painfully obvious why you were given two hands instead of just one when you see the Redman Hold Up Bottle Opener. His two hooked hands open two beers at the same time so you can drink twice as fast holding a beer in each hand. Sure you COULD use it to open a drink for you and a friend at the same time and not be so greedy, but the truth is that Redman is the only friend you’ll ever need. $30 Source

Beer Case Opener

Look man, the little keychain bottle opener that looks like a guitar that you’ve got is freaking adorable, but we need to do some serious drinking. That’s why we don’t mess around with that crap. We harness the ultimate in bottle opening technology: the 24 beer bottle opener. We’re unclear of the exact origins of the epic bottle opener, but we praise the brilliant minds that developed it and hope that their genius comes to be recognized throughout history.

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