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Oktoberfest Sale in the Shop STEAL

It's time to dust off the lederhosen, break out a few cold ones, and start your Oktoberfest celebration. To help you do so, we're putting everything in our 'Drink' category in the Cool Material Shop on sale. Get a fresh bottle opener, a few new beer glasses, or any of the other items to get your festivities started. ... continue reading
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Tactical Mini Slik Knife SHOP

Don’t let its size fool you, this diminutive knife will make quick work of any task you throw its way. The tanto blade is razor sharp and sports a fine tip that requires the sheath to keep it under wraps. Perfect for piercing or slicing, the Tactical Mini Slik Knife is made for those who need an everyday carry knife that performs better and is more durable than others. Included is a small lanyard with a blue titanium bead to make it easy to carry around. ... check it out
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The Sunday Hangover

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Title Shots: Luke Rockhold SPONSORED

It might not seem like the laid back surfer vibe would blend well with MMA fighting, but as you can see in this episode of Moving Portraits: Title Shots, Luke Rockhold takes plenty from his surfing and skating into the octagon. Travel down to Santa Cruz to see how a lifetime of surfing and skating has shaped the middleweight's ... continue reading
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Decoded: How to Spot Fake Cohibas

There are more fake Cohiba cigars out there than there are fake Louis Vuitton purses. And just like when you’re studying a potential designer item, there are things to look for to determine if your Cohiba is legit. Here’s a breakdown of things to keep in mind next time you’re out of the U.S. and searching for ... continue reading

The Canyon Commuter 7.0 Is Made For the City

When looking for an urban commuter bike, it can be tough to find one that marries style with functionality. Usually the scale dips too far in one direction. The Canyon Commuter 7.0 strikes the perfect balance. Not only does it look sharp with its grey brushed frame and leather accents, but it has fully integrated lighting ... continue reading
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Tuesday Link Roundup

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