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The Best TVs Under $1,500

Whether you want a new TV for the big game or just a new set to one-up your neighbor, it pays to do your research before you buy one. Some affordable televisions are far nicer than their expensive brethren, while others are cheap because, well, they are. If you want to cap your spending at $1,500 (a reasonable goal, ... continue reading
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Child 44 – Official Trailer

If you look back at this post, you'll see that Child 44 is one of our most anticipated movies of the year. It's also one of the few on the list that didn't have a trailer. Until now. Based on the Soviet thriller by Tom Rob Smith, Child 44 stars Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy (who has clearly created the voice of Russian ... continue reading

Never Run out of Power Again with This Jump Charging Cable and Backup Battery SPONSORED

We depend on our iPhones for everything, and nothing paralyzes us like running out of of power. Native Union's Jump Charging Cable is here to fix that with brilliant design and cutting-edge innovation in an everyday charging cable with a built-in intelligent back-up battery. The technology redirects power to charge its own battery when your smartphone is fully charged so its always ready to go when you are. It also keeps you tidy with a cable management system and supports high speed data transfers. For a limited time, get an additional 20% off on AHAlife using the code "AHACOOL". ... check it out
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Tuesday Link Roundup

1 Victoria's Secret Angels Play Football - Victoria's Secret 2 The Largest Animated GIF Ever - Spoid 3 New Booze You Should Know - Cool Material 4 Hemingway and the Cocktail - Codex99 5You'll Never Look at a Map of the United States the Same - Futility Closet 6Next-Level Archery - Youtube 7The ... continue reading
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With Whiskey Bullets, It’s Okay to Mix Ammo and Alcohol SHOP

On our list of bad combinations, whiskey and weapons is up there with toothpaste and orange juice. And while we’d normally never recommend mixing the two, we’re going to make an exception. These Whiskey Bullets are the most menacing way to chill a few fingers of the good stuff. The bullets sink to the bottom of your glass and slightly chill your drink without watering it down and costing you flavor. Each bullet is rounded off so you won’t chip or scratch your tumbler. The next time you’re concocting a devilish plan, make this the ammo to chill your hooch. ... check it out
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7 New Bottles of Booze You Should Know

When it comes to stocking your home bar, you want an array of classic spirits, but it's also nice to have a bottle or two no one has ever seen before. A surprise glass to cap the night or something to mix up a fresh cocktail. Here are some of the latest and greatest we'd recommend looking into. a.linkhiglight ... continue reading

The Sunday Hangover

1 John Hardy ft. Cara Delevingne - Huh Magazine 2 A Spoon Reinterpreted 365 Ways - Selectism 3 Amazing Sci-Fi Ships Created Using Paper - Sploid 4 How and When Will the Apocalypse Happen? - BBC 5 Millennium Falcon Turntable - Laughing Squid 6 NFL 2015 - Bad Lip Reading - Youtube 7 Checking Out ... continue reading
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The Panhandler Everyday Carry Tray Unfolds For Easy Storage SHOP

Toss a valet on your nightstand and it has to sit there taking up space when you're not using it. Not only is the Panhandler Everyday Carry Tray from Hollows Leather a more stylish option, it unfolds for storage or travel. Each is cut from belt-weight leather and fastened with solid brass hardware. Use it for your EDC gear, and when you don't need to use it, unfold it and slip it right in your top drawer. Each is made in the USA. ... check it out
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