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Happy National Beer Day

We live in a time when people can just create food-related holidays. Tomorrow, for example, is National Empanada Day, Saturday is Cheese Fondue Day. It's fucking ridiculous. With that in mind, today's a day worth celebrating: National Beer Day. And it's not just because some ad guy is trying to promote drinking, ... continue reading
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Tuesday Link Roundup

1 Andy Welch Photography - Andy Welch 2 If Modern Shows and Movies Were on VHS - Huh 3 Our Favorite Rides From the New York Auto Show - Cool Material 4 Floyd Mayweather's Mouth Guard is Made With $100 Bills - SI 5 Jackie Brown: Up Close - Roman Holiday 6 Life as a Rent-a-Gent - GQ 7 The 10 Commandments ... continue reading
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MeUndies are Twice as Soft as Cotton Underwear SPONSORED

MeUndies makes the world's most comfortable underwear and delivers them straight to your door. So even the laziest guy has no excuse to wear an old pair full of holes. Made from the highest quality fabrics twice as soft as cotton, MeUndies is spreading the gospel of VIP underwear, and making interns feel like bosses. With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, there's no risk involved. Simply order your first pair from MeUndies.com, and if you don’t love them, get your money back AND you get to keep the pair. They're just that confident in their product. ... check it out
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Turn Your iPhone Into a Game Boy

We've reached a point where the pocket-size device you use to communicate happens to run games far more advanced than the ones old gaming units did. And while that can't be debated, it doesn't mean we don't enjoy a bit of nostalgia. Hyperkin is delivering a dose with the Smart Boy. The device, which is currently in ... continue reading
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The Best Craft Beer Bar in Every State

The Best Craft Beer Bar in Every State A great craft beer bar simply needs great craft beer. Whereas a dive bar must, without any perceivable force, assume a certain personality to be stellar, a craft beer bar just needs the right taps. Good food and comfy seats are nice, but if your most interesting brew is a ... continue reading
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Limited Release Filson Bags

Some companies try to lure you in with Swiss cheese warranties, while others simply go on reputation. Filson is one of the latter. Now they've redone some of their bags in two new stylish fabrics. Three of their classics—the Tote, Heritage Sportsman, and Duffle—now come in Rugged Twill and Horween Leather, with ... continue reading
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Beer Enhancing Sachets

Just because you don't homebrew doesn't mean you can't customize your own beer. Hop Theory hand-crafts tea bags filled ingredients meant to enhance and change the flavor and aroma of your beer. Simply drop a sachet into your brew, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then enjoy something unique. While the idea of ... continue reading

The Sunday Hangover

1 Russell James Photography (NSFW) - Russell James 2 10 New Books You Should Know - Cool Material 3 Never Before Seen Photos of Studio 54 - Juxtapoz 4 Food Inspired by the Album: Action Bronson - YouTube 5 Whisky Ice Cube Art - Huh Magazine 6 Franco Augello’s BMW Motorcycles - YouTube 7 Artisanal ... continue reading
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Handcrafting Sunglasses With Dick Moby

We'll be honest, we can't get enough of these artisan videos. And while many are very similar, Dick Moby adds a bit of cheeky fun to their short film highlighting the making of a pair of their sunglasses. Let them take you on a two-minute trip through their factory and show you what goes in to making a pair of their ... continue reading

George Ziermann’s Handmade Shoes

This video is about boots. That is to say, in the video, boots are being made. But what this video is really about is time and change. George Ziermann handmakes custom boots out in Pendleton, Oregon. It's a profession that's dying. Before he retires, Ziermann wants to pass on the skills he's acquired over the years, ... continue reading
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A Flashlight and Flask in One

When VSSL rolled out their unique outdoor canister kits, they did so with packing space in mind. Now the guys are back and ready to tackle another aspect of our outdoor adventures: drinking. The VSSL Flask is the world's first stainless steel, dual mode flashlight that just happens to safely hold your booze. Each VSSL ... continue reading
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The Weekend Agenda

Every Friday we’ll get you hooked up with some solid weekend plans. These are the things we think you should watch, read or do over the next few days. 1 LOOK AT THIS: Michael Dweck Photography (NSFW) - Michael Dweck (via Mash Kulture) 2 READ THIS: I Took a Lot of Drugs at a Psychedelic Boot Camp - Vice 3 ... continue reading
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Cool Material Swag Shelf Giveaway GIVEAWAY

We receive a lot of goods here at Cool Material—watches, headphones, EDC gear, etc.—and, at times, it's more than we know what to do with. Now would be one of those times, so we figured, "Hey, why not give it to you guys!" Our Swag Shelf Giveaway includes: a handful of watches, multiple pocket knives, a bunch of ... continue reading
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