Welcome to ‘What We’re Drinking,’ a recurring column here at Cool Material. Every other week our team of editors will share our favorite beverages we’ve been enjoying and how you can get your hands on them.


Nikka Coffey Grain and Malt Whiskey

“Don’t let the nondescript bottle fool you. What lurks inside is one of the smoothest whiskies you can find for the money. The corn-based whisky is aged in re-filled, remade, and re-charred American oak casks. Rich, mellow, and with just the right amount of sweetness from continuous Coffey distillation, it’s sublime all by itself. I’m officially kicking off an early fall with a fresh bottle.” Learn More

Amos Kwon, Editor


Lemon Cold Brew Spritz

“During the sweltering heat of a North Carolina summer, I like to start my day with a cold brew soda. Friends have balked at the idea but it’s delicious – cold brew + seltzer. Nguyen Coffee Supply took it up a notch with their Lemon Cold Brew Spritz, a really fantastic upgrade to the cold brew soda. I made a batch of cold brew with Nguyen’s Moxy coffee, added 2 teaspoons of homemade simple syrup, the juice from half a lemon, and topped it off with seltzer. I didn’t have any mint on hand but it was still a wonderful, bright start to my morning.” Learn More

John A. Paradiso, Managing Editor


Kirkland Signature Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon

“Buffalo Trace just dropped the latest EH Taylor Barrel Proof and Stagg Jr. Old Forester just dropped the latest Birthday Bourbon and some new barrel strength picks. Jack Daniels just dropped the 10 year. We love all of those previous releases, but we’re also over all the tatering. Which brings us to the Kirkland Signature Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon. It’s Barton 1792 BIB whiskey IN A LITER BOTTLE for around $25 that is available at your nearest Costco–and if you live in one of those lucky dozen states you don’t even need a membership to buy booze. It has lots of fruit, character, and spice with a smooth oaky finish… in an otherwise unassuming bottle you won’t have to pester the local salespeople for.” Learn More

Ben Dahl, Senior Editor


Neshaminy Creek Summer Dollars

“Sure it might be the end of summer and we are headed into cooler fall weather but mother nature can’t make me put down my Neshaminy Creek Summer Dollar. They are not joking when they say you’ll swallow it whole. Conditioned with blood oranges and sprinkled with sea salt off the coast of Amity Island, the beer is refreshing and packs just the right amount of sour punch. I recommend you keep the summer going well into the fall with this can of awesome.” Buy: $18/6-pack

Sean Ryan, Co-Founder


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