There are few things we find as fascinating as performing a simple task with a properly ridiculous Rube Goldberg machine. The last time we heard from artist and ridiculous machine inventor Joseph Herscher was for his newspaper Page Turner machine, but even that ridiculous invention is no match for his latest creation that’s designed around social distancing. What happens when you’re social distancing during a meal but you need to season your food with the pepper on the other side of the table? Most of us would just get up and grab it, but that’s no fun when you can catapult it across the enormous table through a series of obstacles like Herscher did in Pass The Pepper: Social Distancing is Nothing to Sneeze At. This Rube Goldberg machine has all the classics like rolling balls, dominoes, levers and tracks. But it’s also filled even more absurd, dangerous and destructive elements like a flipping chef’s knife to cut cucumbers, coffee spilling right onto a laptop, cooking noodles, a rotating cake with candles that burn through strings and an epic climax that with rolling dumbbells that completely flip the table over. Who says social distancing can’t be fun?


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