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10 New Apps You Should Know

10 New Apps You Should Know


Since new apps get released at an incredible rate, we figured it only fair to keep you abreast of the best. Stop sifting through all the terrible games and little life helpers to find some gems and break out your iPhone or Android device and get to downloading some of these guys.

1. Food Tripping

Finding fast food joints and spots that serve grease bombs while you’re road tripping is fairly easy. In fact, there are a plethora of apps out there that will offer you these suggestions in insane abundance. Food Tripping is different. From finding healthy food markets to awesome microbreweries, Food Tripping is the app for people who like to eat well when they’re out and about. (iOS) (Android)

2. Thread

Thread takes your caller ID to another level. Not only do you see the name of who is calling you, but it also displays the most recent texts and emails you’ve sent each other. On top of that, it also shows the caller’s latest Facebook update and tweets. In a way, it could tell you what you’re in for with the call and whether answering it is really the right move before you pick up. (Android)

3. Beer Hunt

For the craft beer lover, Untappd has been the gold standard of social brew apps. Beer Hunt aims to change that. You check in and earn badges (similar to Untappd), but Beer Hunt turns it all into a bit of a competition. You get a Craft Score and compete with friends to determine the biggest beer fan among your group (usually the first person whose liver gives out is the winner). (iOS)

4. Yahoo! Weather

You might not think “exciting” whenever Yahoo! announces something, but we have to admit they damn near perfected the standard weather app. Using photos to match your location, time of day, and current conditions, the app brings a whole new visual element to the standard chart forecast format. Even better, these aren’t just stock photos, they come from users like you. (iOS) (Android)

5. Rando

Rando is part social experiment, part addictive time waster. Basically, you send a photo you take to someone randomly. They never know who sent it and you never know who got it, but the fun part is, you get one in return. You can build a collection of shots from around the world from anonymous photo pals. (iOS) (Android)

6. Field Trip

Simply let Field Trip run in the background of your phone and go about your day. The beauty of Field Trip is, you do nothing and it will just alert you whenever you are near something cool, hidden, or unique. It’s a whole new way of exploring. Well, at least until your battery dies. (iOS) (Android)

7. Jiffy

Simple and perfect. That’s Jiffy for Android. The time keeping app doesn’t do anything flashy, but it does do something well. It lets you track time on up to three different activities (many more in the paid version) and it then charts and displays that data in a beautiful and clear way. It’s an organizational app that, unlike others, doesn’t add any stress to your life. (Android)

8. FaceSwap

There are thousands of apps that will help organize, prioritize, and generally improve your life. And then there’s FaceSwap. The addictive photo app does exactly what the name implies, swaps the faces of two people in a photo. While the app has been around for a little bit, it finally works well enough to justify downloading it. What would you look like with your girl’s face? Time to find out. (WARNING: Results can be horrifying.) (iOS)

9. Currency

For the world traveler, few apps could come in as handy as Currency. Using a smooth swiping interface, the app helps you find the best times to exchange your cash. Plus, live charts help you get an idea of what exchange rates are like compared to the recent past. If you travel internationally a lot, it’s a must. (iOS)

10. Tempo Smart Calendar

If you’re ready to take your calendar game to another level, download Tempo. Tempo acts like your very own personal assistant, organizing your contacts and events into your calendar. It makes it easy to alert people when you’re running late for a meeting, it helps you get directions to the places you need go, and it handles a bunch of tedious tasks without much work on your end. It’s probably the single best calendar app out there. (iOS)


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