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As soon as anyone mentions the name Land Rover, everyone’s minds immediately go to vintage SUVs, modern film tie-ins, rebuilt vehicles and books. No one ever stops to think about the fact that Land Rover might be interested in producing another phone that follows in the footsteps of their first “world’s toughest smartphone.” That’s where the Land Rover Explore R Smartphone comes in. This rugged smartphone is inspired by the resilience of the Land Rover Defender and includes the build quality to endure the most challenging environments thanks to its drop-testing, waterproofing, extra-long battery life and ability to function in extreme temperatures. It’s IP68 and MIL SPEC 810H protected; fully waterproof up to 1.5m for 35 minutes, dust / sand proof, and also went through repeated drop tests at 1.8M onto steel, so you can rest assured the powerful 3,100mAh battery is fully optimised to 1.5+ days of battery life with medium-to-heavy usage in the great outdoors. Pair that with the bright 5.7″ HD display with Corning Gorilla glass, Android 9 OS, expandable microSD storage and 12MP Sony rear camera, and you have the recipe for a phone that will go anywhere a human can, and then some.


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