It’s hard to wrap your brain around the huge swath of technology out there today. There are products on the market now that didn’t even exist earlier this year, but innovation and adaptation soldier on for the better. We’re huge fans of tech that can make our lives safer, easier, and more entertaining, and that’s what good tech is all about. This year, we’ve picked some of our favorites tech gifts that cover a gamut of tech goodies to please loved ones or just yourself.


1 Leaf UV

Nothing says “I love you” like a COVID-19 face mask that could save your life. The 1 Leaf UV fights the bad stuff with Active UV-C Sterilization, MERV 20+ HEPA. Active-Carbon, and N100-level filtration. What’s more, your friends and family can recognize you and see you speak, making you human again.


Glorious GMMK Modular Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re new to mechanical keyboards, here’s a great place to start. The GMMK has customizable keys, and you can use any switch: cherry, kailh, gateron, or any combination. It is the world’s first RGB, modular mechanical keyboard, and the 16.8 million color RGB backlit keys are positively mesmerizing.


Incipio Grip Case

[Partner]  Want to protect all versions of the new iPhone 12? The new Incipio Grip case stops drops before they start. But if it does drop, you still have 14 feet of drop protection and a raised edge bezel. Antimicrobial protection eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria and germs. Works with magsafe charging and wireless charging, and it’s backed with a lifetime guarantee. Give your phone the protection it deserves.


Palm Phone Power Bundle

[Partner]  Just in time for the holidays, get your hands on the Power Bundle from Palm. About the size of a credit card, Palm is the best small premium Android smartphone on the market–small in size, but huge in style and features. The bundle comes with an unlocked Palm, screen protector, and a mophie juice pack made exclusively to fit Palm. Just pop Palm in the mophie case and get an extra 13 hours of power without having to stop to recharge, ready for any adventure, bike ride, or hike.


Flagship ANC Headphones by Status Audio

We love the subtle urban style of these 35 dB noise-canceling headphones. They deliver superb sound, provide touch controls, and even allow you to pipe in extra ambient noise when needed for safety. The vegan leather keeps your conscience as clear as the sound it delivers.


Orbitkey Nest

This modern desktop valet is made with a combination of a genuine leather exterior, poly-carbonate shell and zinc alloy hardware to create a multi-tiered storage device for your wallet, keys and other essentials that are also capable of wireless charging when they’re not in use.


All-New Amazon Echo

The new Amazon Echo is better than ever thanks to improved sound componentry and a new, friendlier spherical shape. Make calls, play music, get news and information, and even voice command compatible smart home systems.


Canon PowerShot ZOOM Compact Telephoto Monocular

Need of a fresh way to take photos in a pinch? The 12MP PowerShot ZOOM is compact, but it packs 1000mm and 400mm optical, as well as 800mm digital zoom, autofocus, face tracking, and image stabilization. It also captures full HD 30p video and packs in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Nomad Base Station

Plugging in your phone once or twice a day now seems like a hassle when you can just plop it down on the NOMAD base station’s gorgeous genuine walnut and leather charging surface. You can even juice up to four devices thanks to USB-A and USB-C ports.


Senstroke Essential Box

Drums aren’t exactly easy to tote around, but the Senstroke changes all that with its all-in-one smart drum system. It’s the only connected drum system and app that allows you to practice, record, and improve as you go. The base system comes with drumsticks, foot strap, practice pads, and charging cable.


Otterbox Fast Charge Wireless Power Bank

Charging your devices wirelessly at home is a convenience, but how about when you’re out and about with no wall outlet in sight? The Otterbox Qi Wireless Power Bank houses 15,000 mAh of power, has a felt pad to baby your device, and it’s small enough to stow just about anywhere.


360 Dash Cam G300H

This is the jack-of-all trades dashcam that also happens to look good while keeping track of your goings on. It captures 1296P hi-res, shoots full color night vision, and grabs shots with its 160° super wide angle It also saves locked videos and also loops continuously. It also records when it senses shock or vibration, even when the power is off.


Hard Shell Tech Case

The outer shell is made of tough-as-nails poly-carbonate. The interior is lined with a soft cushioned fabric with 5 separate mesh compartments, ideal for sorting headphones, chargers, tablets, or any other small tech that needs protection. Think of it as hard-shell luggage for your smaller tech items.


Fujifilm Instax Portable Printer

More of a social tool than a printer, this little guy will rifle off 100 photos from the Instax app on your smartphone via Bluetooth, and it will even print from up to five friends in Fun Modes. You can even print a collage using images from different users.


Marshall Emberton

Never has a portable Bluetooth Speaker packed in so much heritage, fun, and build quality. The small rubberized rhomboid unit delivers 360-degree sound, is IPX7 water-resistant, and pumps out tunes for up to 20 hours. Control everything from a single gold button-joystick on top for simplicity, and gaze at the classic mesh and Marshall logo for that coolness factor.


Ditch the mop, broom, and the vacuum while crossing off the never ending chore of keeping your floor clean for good with the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum and Mop. With its high-precision laser navigation system, virtual barriers, programmable mapping and scheduling, efficiency-based cleaning algorithms, best-in-class battery, suction powerful enough to lift ball bearings and automatic recharging, this all-in-one robot cleaner puts all other options to shame. Better yet, you can save up to 40% off when you get yours  here.