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Price, quality, comfort and style are all important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to a pair of headphones, but you’re probably not going to care about any of those things if the music coming out of your new buds sounds like crap. These new Glow headphones are big on the cool details, but they’re built on a foundation of a natural highs and lows with the clear and balanced audio response you’d expect from a high-end audiophile product. They’re ergonomically designed with an asymmetric nozzle that follows the natural contour of your ear to make them comfortable all day and isolate outside noise. On the remote side, Glow uses an intuitive 5-way remote with separate, dedicated buttons for all your music controls. And then there’s the namesake of these buds, the Glow. Using laser-driven Corning Fibrance (a glass optical fiber optimized for thin, colorful, aesthetic lighting), Glow lights up in red, blue or green light in response to audio cues, movement, and even heart rate. You can finally have those Tron headphones you’ve always wanted.


Too stressed to sleep? Maybe you’re too anxious? What about lacking focus or unable to relax? The Apollo wearable takes care of everything by helping your body recover from stress, so you relax, focus, sleep better and feel better–without having to take something to help you sleep. Apollo sends silent, soothing vibrations through the body to calm your nerves, help you unwind and improve your overall quality of sleep. In fact, in a study with over 500 participants, Apollo users enjoyed 19% more time in deep sleep, on average. Rest easy and take 10% off when you get Apollo Neuro today.