A large part of the reason we try to look good is to impress the fairer sex. So, it couldn’t hurt every once in a while to get a woman’s perspective on the clothing and accessories she’d prefer. We turned to our friends at Style Girlfriend to do just that. Here are the new pieces Brittany Hammonds, the site’s online editor, is liking right now.

Brittany Hammonds is the online editor at the daily men’s lifestyle site, Style Girlfriend. Style Girlfriend offers guys friendly advice from a female perspective on lifestyle topics like dating, fitness, travel, and home, in addition to personal style.


Neighborhood Baseball Jacket

There’s something so effortlessly cool about a baseball jacket. Between the striped cuffs and vintage-inspired logo, it’s the kind of jacket you can throw on top of any casual look for slick streetwear vibe.


Hudson Tab Front Pant In Peat

I love these flat front trousers in a unique olive color as a way to up your khaki game. They’re just as easy to style with your wardrobe staples, but add more visual interest.


Air Max 1 Essential

These retro sneakers are all around stunners – especially when paired with chino joggers or raw denim and a textured bomber jacket.


Carhartt Caramola Sweatshirt

A solid vibrant sweatshirt will do some serious heavy lifting for you in the “that’s an impressive outfit” department. It’s surprisingly simple to style with a basic tee and jeans or you can pump it up a notch with a windowpane button down and dark chinos.


The Hill-Side SH1-295 Selvedge Stripe Chambray Shirt

Chambray is always a good choice, and it’s not losing its appeal any time soon. This striped number is the perfect mix of updated pattern and Americana aesthetic.


Lone Flag Jet Black Micro Screw Cuff Bracelet

Minimalistic cord bracelets have been a new favorite accessory. They look great with nearly any watch and can add needed color or contrast to a basic outfit.


The Motley Palo Santo Limited-Edition Cologne

No surprise here, but smelling like a rugged gentleman is a really good idea. This scent is an ideal balance between smoky and sweet that will definitely earn you some compliments.

Man Selecting Fresh Ingredients For His Dinner

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