A large part of the reason we try to look good is to impress the fairer sex. So it couldn’t hurt every once in a while to get a woman’s perspective on the clothing and accessories she’d prefer. We turned to our friends at Style Girlfriend to do just that. Here are the new pieces Brittany Hammonds, the site’s online editor, is liking right now.

Brittany Hammonds is the online editor at the daily men’s lifestyle site Style Girlfriend. Style Girlfriend offers guys friendly advice from a female perspective on lifestyle topics like dating, fitness, travel, and home, in addition to personal style.


Rogue Territory Safari Shorts

Usually the Super Trooper jokes would write themselves, but these Rogue Territory shorts are surprisingly stylish and still functional enough to wear right meow. The sturdy twill can make it through any daytime journey or a few (read: many) skipped washes while maintaining their shape and color. Pro tip: To avoid a bulky look, don’t actually fill up the oversized pockets.


Anderson’s Midnight Blue Woven Waxed-Cord Belt

Even if you’re not-so-nautical, a woven waxed cord belt is always a splashy summer addition. It adds just enough unexpected detail to any outfit without drawing too much attention at the office. Pair it with your trusty chinos and a OCBD for work or with patterned shorts and a henley when you’re off duty.


Timberland Taunton River Sweatshirt Jacket

Can the owner of this sweatshirt jacket whip up a mean stack of pancakes in a remote cabin? Probably. Does he also know how to start a bonfire on a secluded beach? Likely. There’s something rugged yet comforting about the structured look of this cotton jacket that makes it the Ryan Gosling of summer outerwear.


Chamula Bendable Horsehair Bracelet - Orange

A handmade accessory with an interesting back story is a surefire way liven up any staple look this season. I love that the bright color is still neutral enough to work its way into a dressier date night look with dark denim and a dress shirt while adding just enough flair to a simple pool day getup.


Paterson Mingo 6 Panel

This conversation-starting piece is perfect for any outdoor event where you’re hoping to fla-mingle*. At first glance it looks like a classic 6-panel cap, but the embroidered detail takes it to the next level when styled with a bold graphic tee and boardshorts or light wash denim and a white tee. *I know, I know. I’ll see myself out…


Grand Canyon Tee

For National Park and slick design lovers alike, this Grand Canyon souvenir bundle is a can’t-miss way to show off your outdoor pride. Huckberry got the exclusive collab with artist, Joshua Minnich for a handsome t-shirt, pin, and patch set to wear all summer.


Whether you’re driving up the coast, grilling out and spending time at the beach, sunglasses are an absolute necessity in the summer. We’ve tried all the options from expensive, established brands to the no-name knockoffs from the gas station. We keep coming back to Woodies wooden sunglasses because they’re stylish, effective, built-to-last and, most importantly, affordable enough that you won’t worry if they get lost during your adventures. With almost 100 styles–including full wood options that float in the water–there’s no better sunglasses option out there this year. Get your Woodies today.