A large part of the reason we try to look good is to impress the fairer sex. So it couldn’t hurt every once in a while to get a woman’s perspective on the clothing and accessories she’d prefer. We turned to our friends at Style Girlfriend to do just that. Here are the new pieces Brittany Hammonds, the site’s online editor, is liking right now.

Brittany Hammonds is the online editor at the daily men’s lifestyle site Style Girlfriend. Style Girlfriend offers guys friendly advice from a female perspective on lifestyle topics like dating, fitness, travel, and home, in addition to personal style.


Bison Cash Fold Wallet - Golden Tan

The biggest problem with using a rubber band to organize your loose cash, other than everything about it, is that there are so many equally simple yet sleek options nowadays. This leather cash-fold will feel more comfortable in your pocket than a traditional metal money clip without losing any of the function.


Havana Brown Plain Jacket

“Oh, this old thing? I picked it up on my last trip to (destination known for its proclivity for leisure).” This textured number is a smidge more casual than your staple navy blazer while retaining all of the refinement. Throw it over a white OCBD, then opt for trousers or chinos and a suede loafer to complete your straight-off-the-yacht look.


Champion Life Reverse Weave Men's French Terry Crew

Given how much I advocate for a short sleeve crewneck sweatshirt, you’d think there’s a juicy past history involving this Rocky-approved top. There’s not; I just cannot overlook the bicep-flattering sleeve. I’m only human, okay? Pair this athletic shirt with dark wash jeans, white leather sneakers, and top the look off with a retro-inspired cap.


Lean Dean Clean White Jeans

Sure, my affinity towards white denim could be as arbitrary as my love of hot sauce or my fear of pigeons, but I’m a big fan nonetheless. Any guy in a pair of white jeans oozes confidence. And what’s more? Styling them in a sharp look is almost effortless. Think graphic or striped tee, slip-ons, and a light jacket.


Souther Field Industries SF Briefcase

Whether you’re wrapping up a long day of conference calls or carefully crafted Instagram captions, this is the kind of briefcase that says, “I mean business…sometimes.” The bright yellow adds an energetic touch to lift this bag out of a drab office setting while being versatile enough to carry any day of the week.


Tretorn Nylite Sneakers

Abercrombie? For adult men? Hear me out. Tretorn is celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Nylite sneaker by collaborating with A&F on a unique colorway, and the results are a laid-back balance between vintage surf and timeless simplicity. It’s a comfortable design that will easily blend into any guy’s casual wardrobe.

Tovala Meal in front of oven_Credit Audrey Ma (1)

Christmas has finally come and gone. All that celebrating was well deserved, but it is time to focus on getting time back for yourself in 2022. That’s where the Tovala Smart Oven comes in. Their smart oven and chef-crafted meals work together so you can enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal at the touch of a button–without any of the heavy lifting. Pick and choose your favorite meals and Tovala makes it easier than ever to skip your meal prep. Get your Tovala Smart Oven here.