Sifting through menswear trends and labels is too much for the average guy. Why spend your day researching when you know 99% of the things you’d find you’d never wear? A better option: Weekly Style Finds. Each week we’ll bring you some of our favorite new items and interesting articles so you don’t have to go hunting for good-looking, well-made gear.


Jon Contino For Stock Mfg.

It’s pretty exciting when we discover two Cool Material favorites have teamed up. Such is the case with the latest collection from Stock Mfg. The makers of good-looking, unpretentious menswear have joined forces with designer and illustrator Jon Contino for their new Phantom Collection. Each of the pieces in the range include some sly lining with classic Contino lettering and design.


Ebbets Field Flannels x J.Crew Seattle Rainiers Ball Cap

Ebbets Field Flannels, makers of slick reproductions of vintage baseball attire, has once again teamed up with J.Crew to offer an exclusive ball cap. This Seattle Rainiers cap comes in a colorway only J.Crew can offer, and unlike many of the caps available directly from the Seattle-based company, it’s adjustable in size.


Uniqlo's Latest Affordable Selvedge Jeans

Designed to stretch and move without weighing you down, the new Slim Fit Straight Selvedge Jeans from Uniqlo are a comfy option that won’t break the bank. Each pair has its own unique character and is far more durable than the price tag would suggest.


New Minimalist Tees From Ugmonk

Buying t-shirts can be tricky for the grown men—too playful and you appear immature; too basic and you appear boring. That’s why we turn to Ugmonk. Creators of minimal tees with some character, the brand just released three new shirts we’re digging. Juggle, Ripple Effect, and Pinnacle are the latest designs to consider before summer comes to a close.


Supreme Fall/Winter 2015

Everyone’s favorite little red tab label (outside of Levi’s) just dropped their latest collection of gear for the colder months ahead. Supreme’s Fall/Winter collection includes creative outwear, hats, and plenty of collaborations. The Taped Seam Pullover is a personal fave.


GQ's "Best New Menswear Designers in America" Collection for Gap

Every year, GQ releases its list of the Best New Menswear Designers in America. Then, months later, we get a sample of goods available at Gap from those talented few. Here’s the first look at this year’s collection, complete with gear from The Hill-Side and other Cool Material favorites.


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