Vollebak, a brand dedicated to creating experiential garments for real-world scenarios, is doing something different this week. They’re hosting a treasure hunt. Somewhere in the world, the company will be dropping a wardrobe filled with tens of thousands of dollars worth of free gear. And you have two chances to win.

The first, visit their website by Wednesday 10/12 to enter the coordinates or location of where you think the giant vault will be dropped. The form is simple – just three questions – and your guess could get you the contents. Or, wait until 1:00 pm on the 12th when Vollebak will release a short video with where the Wardrobe has been dropped. Participants will have 48 hours to retrieve the contents themselves.

One part geocaching, one part rat race, some may even say it’s a PR stunt, but we say you should have fun with it. Just make sure to assemble a team and godspeed. Just don’t forget about your friend Brett who told you about this opportunity when you win.

Holiday Outpost

After browsing this ultimate gifting destination for the last 30 minutes, we realized we could pretty much do all our holiday shopping in one place. This place. How nice! They’ve curated a list of 2022’s most coveted gifts that span from the chefs in your life to the outdoorsmen and indoorsmen alike. Stocking stuffers. Big gifts. Everything in between. E-gift cards for the last minute person you accidentally forgot to put on your list.  Everything in this Holiday Outpost helps you raise the bar on your gift giving this year.