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Victory Sportswear–originally founded as the Hersey Custom Shoe Company almost forty years ago in Maine–has gone through quite a few iterations before it became the brand widely touted by GQ, JJJJound and the like, but the focus has always been on making great, innovative shoes that fill whatever need you have. Case in point–the Victory Sportswear x Huckberry Classic Runner you see here. This surgically precise lifestyle sneaker is built for your daily needs with a high-quality pigskin suede upper for structure and durability, a specialized lining to reduce friction and heat, and a durable carbon rubber outsole for long-term use. What’s more, it’s resoleable, small-batch made in the USA and available in this Huckberry-exclusive colorway that combines gray, navy and white accents. If you want a stylish pair of kicks that’s built to last–and won’t look like anything any of your friends are wearing–this is it.


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