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Vasco, the up-and-coming French watch brand based in Bordeaux and inspired by the minimalism of Bauhaus, is back with a second Kickstarter for another batch of 24-hour watches. Unlike other affordable business casual watches, Vasco focuses on a 24-hour watch setup worn by the likes of submariners, astronauts and polar explorers who had no daylight reference for the time. This new collection includes five different watches (Inflexible, Amiral, Solitaire, Terrible, Optimiste) all powered by a Ronda Swiss-made Quartz movement and different face options ranging from Swiss railway clock style to a brushed steel. Each of the timepieces is housed in a 316L stainless steel case and protected with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass. In terms of straps, you get to choose between a supple French bull leather in brown or black, or a steel Milanese band in silver or black. Vasco 24-Hour Watches have a few weeks left to go on their Kickstarter project, but they’ve more than smashed the funding goal. Estimated delivery of watches is in October.


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