It’s no secret that Nordstrom Rack is just one big collection of items that didn’t sell at, or were returned to, Nordstrom. You love the clothing, shoes, bags, watches and everything else that Nordstrom expertly curates regularly, so it’s even better when you can get those same goods at a discount. This just in: Nordstrom Rack just got a huge batch of “New from Nordstrom” stuff. Since it’s all on sale for up to almost 70% off, you’re basically paying pennies on the dollar for shirts, shorts, robes, jackets, sneakers, pants, sandals, gloves, glasses and everything else people didn’t want the first time around. Prices are as marked, so you don’t need any coupon codes. With over 22,000 different items in this sale alone, there’s something for everyone whether you knew you needed it or not. Shop this Steal with the button below to find your new favorite pieces.


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