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Ever since we first heard about Flint and Tinder by way of their 10 Year Hoodie, we knew they were a brand that was going to produce clothing that would last a lifetime. After all, they guaranteed it with the decade guarantee on the 10 Year Hoodie. That continued with their chambray shirt and their made to order denim. Their jean options just got even better with the new Defender Denim. Each pair of Flint and Tinder Defender Denim is cut from the highest quality selvage denim woven on vintage shuttle looms by Kaihara, Japan’s oldest denim manufacturer. That material base alone makes these jeans worth the purchase price, but they get even better with the addition of 7% Kevlar (yes, the same stuff used in body armor) for insanely durable construction. Then you factor in the signature antique metal buttons, tucked belt loops, YKK zip fly and Made in the USA construction for a pair of jeans that are pretty close to perfect. Flint & Tinder’s new Defender Denim is available in both a slim and tapered fit.


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