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Mo’cycle has created one of the most innovative additions to any motorcyclist’s gear: the airbag jean. Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous business, with riders averaging at least one serious crash in their lifetime. While most of these are just bang-ups or the occasional scrape, it can be far worse.

For a long time, protective gear was marketed for protecting the upper body and head. And for good reason, of course. Vital organs and the brain might be more important than, say, your femur, in the grand scheme of things. But that doesn’t mean that a broken leg — or worse — shouldn’t be mitigated when possible.

That’s exactly what Mo’cycle’s jeans are for. With inflatable components inserted into a denim shell, these jeans mix fashion and function to make safety, well, stylish. The airbags inflate automatically using a key connected to the motorcycle that is engaged during a crash. The inflatable panels across the thigh and seat, cushioning impact and protecting your assets.

Best of all, the airbags are detachable, making these jeans reusable and washable, so you can really wear them for the long haul.


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