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Now that we’re getting into the colder, snowier, all together shittier months when it comes to weather, it’s time to think about swapping out your sneakers for footwear more robust, durable, and designed to tackle the elements. Unless, of course, your sneakers are all-weather equipped like these Jordan 1 Element GORE-TEX kicks. To be fair, plenty of Nike sneakers have gotten the GORE-TEX sneaker treatment before–hello Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX Sneakers–but this most recent release showcases the technical material in a unique way with its presence in the underlays, toebox, inner bootie, gusseted tongue, and lining. Pair that with the waterproof nubuck leather on the overlays and you have the recipe for what many–us included–consider the greatest all-weather sneaker ever produced. The Nike Air Jordan 1 Element GORE-TEX Sneaker is set to drop on 11/23 at 9 am in a gray/green/black/white colorway.

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