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Tag Heuer launched a much-lauded new Aquaracer dive watch series last year, and 2022 kicks off with a new, smaller version known as the Aquaracer Professional 200. It’s downsized from 43mm to 40mm, so it should be accommodating for smaller wrists and in line with the trend of smaller diameter watches. The twelve-facet bezel is, thankfully, still present, as is the shutter, textured dial that gives it a truly sophisticated look for a sporty timepiece. Other changes include 200 meters of water resistance, smaller baton hands, trapezoidal hour markers instead of octagonal versions, and the removal of the cyclops date window. Both quartz (black or silver dials) and automatic (blue or black dials) are available. It’s a dive-ready timepiece that should also pull duty as a great casual and office watch that’s perfectly sized.

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