Hot on the heels of Prime Day, Nordstrom just kicked off their Anniversary Sale with up to 60% off almost two-thousand different items that run that gamut from clothes and sneakers, to bags to self-care products, to suits and watches, and, well, everything in between. If you’ve been waiting on pulling the trigger when it comes to name brand products and accessories, now’s the time to fill your shopping cart with everything you thought about–but never pulled the trigger on–buying.  It’s not too late to cash in on the best-of-the-best while also saving big and not breaking the bank, but time is limited. Check out our favorites below:

Cole Haan Bonded Leather Bomber Jacket (53% Off) – $695 / $330
Duchamp Foldover Rubberized Backpack (54% Off) – $195 / $90
Ted Baker London Robbie Trim Fit Windowpane Wool Suit (40% Off) – $898 / $539
Tissot Chrono XL Leather Strap Watch (33% Off) – $375 / $250
Cole Haan GrandPro Topspin Sneaker (33% Off) – $150 / $100
Barbour Marben Quilted Jacket (33% Off) – $300 / $200
Jamie Vegan Leather Weekend Bag (41% Off) – $128 / $75
Ray-Ban 55mm Rectangular Sunglasses (42% Off) – $172 / $100
Good Man Brand Los Angeles Sneakers (35% Off) – $228 / $150
Ted Baker London Phylipa Multifunction Leather Strap Watch (33% Off) – $165 / $110

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